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    I was unable to produce a weapon system that could take down the Battleships, so the games seems to have come to an end!!
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    Yeah, to be honest you're not really meant to be playing that far into the tech tree. We'll hopefully be replacing the X1 Shrike with an entirely new design for the Pegasus, and I'm still not sure exactly what we'll do with the Valkyrie. You're still right that the Pegasus having 16 soldier carrying capacity is incorrect, though - it should be 12 like you say. I'll change that in the hotfix. Thanks.
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    They can hide in houses away from windows, or run closer to soldiers. The main thing is not to run into the clutches of Reapers I once tried to stun them so they wouldn't run and feed the rippers, but the game considers stunned civilians as dead. As a result, the mission failed.