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    Wanted to mention that the new victory screen (see screenshot below) is a huge improvement visually and informationally (if that's a word). The kill stats, promotions, and time to heal are all excellent, and the kill info in particular adds to the sense of developing characters with performance histories. The one improvement that occurred to me would be something visual (large and shiny) to show the new rank and/or achievement next to a soldier's name. I know that info is on the armory screen, but the graphics are pretty small and timid. I'm thinking of how cool it felt in X-Com (?) to see a squaddie reach some achievement.
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    See screenshot and logs. I think all the objects should be lined up and not let go until one of them confesses to failing to reference one of its instances. One of them will talk eventually.. output.log_2.b32ffc316c1208a660c9d638af86b860 output.log_1.bf105a2febb8b63f2ac22161d40de64d
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    That grenade-Launcher is just to dangerous too use, I have fired these types of weapons, during my time in, and if they were this dangerous, they would not be issued. When they are fixed, it would be nice if they had a variety of ammunition types i.e.( HE, AP,Gas, and Canister)
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    Definite yes to HEVY being a micro missile launcher, saves you a lot of messing about, as grenade launchers are by nature quite accurate and may unbalance the game as is. Grenades “should” be able to be thrown in a parabolic arc, as well as being bowled under arm in a straight throw. A trooper by a doorway should be able to throw it into a room quite far without it being disallowed by the arc hitting the ceiling. As for accuracy, further the throw, if failed more deviance, the nearer the throw more accuracy, and if failed near miss of the intended target but tough still gets splash damage........grenades do have quite a large area of effect.