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    Have to say I am disappointed with your comments in this thread, especially the accusations against the devs, the general consensus by 90% based on those same backers and people who have pre paid (and if any of those did not vote then that is there own fault if they don't like the results, no, I am not saying you are one), is that they are happy with the idea of the base change so in no way is this a renege on a promise, in no way does it cast any negative light on the company, they stated the issues and what they thought then asked us, the backers to make a choice, we picked overwhelmingly to agree with the devs. Plus the bottom line here is Chris has been very nice about it and said they will refund those who are very unhappy here, this is not normal behaviour for gaming companies, look at EA, the general response is a kick to the nuts so in all I think Chris and Goldhawk have been very open and honest the whole way through this, don't get me wrong, it would be wonderful for everyone to be happy and its crappy that you are obviously not, sorry for that, but 90% in favour of change is not something that can be ignored.
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    Also, just so everyone is clear: I was asked earlier in the thread whether the DESIGNS of the UFOs are final. The designs ARE final - i.e. we're going to have angular UFOs this time around. However, the VISUALS of the UFOs in the ground combat are NOT final (both on the inside and the outside). The visuals of a lot of things in the ground combat still need a lot of polish and the UFOs are one of them. Don't take my comments in this thread to mean that the UFO tiles you see in the ground missions are the UFO tiles you'll be seeing in the final game. To illustrate the point I made earlier about how it's not really fair to compare a game in development to a finished one, I found an old screenshot from Xenonauts 1 that was taken less than a year before the game released. It doesn't look much like the game that we ended up shipping less than 12 months later.
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