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  1. Think this gent just won the day, excellent post, love the ideas!
  2. Have to agree here, teleporting dropship just doesn't make sense or fit with everything else, if you have the tech to teleport a massive aircraft then why the hell are you using crappy old ballistic guns from basic concept of which is 100 or more years old? and current designs from 30 years ago? why would you have the tech to teleport things but not have anything to defend your troops from more than a gnat farting at them?
  3. Quite like the idea here, one base but with the extra floor options like this is very appealing.
  4. Kaiphus_Kain

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    Never said you did but it does seem to be an issue, as your posts indicate. As for the game side I think you should wait and see what is finally released before deciding something like the above, a lot can change in development and to be fair it's just a few text changes when the game is released to make any rank designations you want to have if it is not to your liking. Worst case is a mod request maybe?
  5. Would be interesting being able to field two transports to the same location, two different start points for each team with a party in the middle of the map!
  6. Kaiphus_Kain

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    Ruggerman, I really don't understand why this seems to bother you so much, it is entirely meaningless! Post content counts, not post count.
  7. Kaiphus_Kain

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    I think you missed something in regard to my posts here, I was talking about changing the rank to something more than cosmetic, an actual mechanism behind it that does a lot more than just display a bit of text, what Ruggerman was describing with the ability to do more and make the system more than cosmetic is certainly not a simple string display.
  8. Kaiphus_Kain

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    I disagree with you here, unless you know programming well, specifically the medium Chris and the team are using and how or what would need to be done then you can't suggest it is simple enough, it could be fairly minor or it could mean creating a massive amount of work in all layers of the game to add a system that effects both ground combat and the geoscape etc. What sounds simple enough may in effect be stupidly complicated or time consuming, only Chris and the team can know that one.
  9. Kaiphus_Kain

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    Whilst I understand where you are coming from here I believe there would have to be a fairly major re write of large portions of the game to make any changes to the rank anything more than cosmetic, at this point I doubt highly that there is the time or money to do a major overhaul and creation of a completely new way of dealing with the way soldiers work, I could be wrong but based on past posts I cannot see it happening. Edit: To put it another way, currently the Rank system and its names are like painting a wall of your house, completely cosmetic, what you are talking about is rebuilding all the walls while the roof is still on, major engineering.
  10. Kaiphus_Kain

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    There is also no good reason to mess with them since they are essentially meaningless, it's an aesthetics point only. You could just change it to something like Operative and Specialist etc, it still wouldn't make any real difference. Edit2: To Clarify, changing the ranks serves no purpose unless you change a hell of a lot more to make it do something other than be a basic visual aid to a units experience/progression.
  11. Kaiphus_Kain

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    Ruggerman, I can tell you with 100% conviction and around 12 or so years experience running multiple forums and various forum software, including the one used here that the rank/title system in any forum software is an arbitrary pointless exercise that means nothing at all. Seriously, the standard IPS forum software is purely based on post count, any customisation is normally just the title name or to just stop people spamming for the higher title, the exceptions are normally only moderators and admins though custom titles are possible but have to be set on a per user basis. The only thing that matters on a forum is post content, not post count.
  12. Kaiphus_Kain

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    Possibly but you can set a user to a specific rank easily in IPS so that was my thinking. Edit: Could be how long you have been a member of the forum instead of number of posts, not sure if there is a plugin for that but it would fit the bill potentially.
  13. Kaiphus_Kain

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    Actually I think the rank I have is likely a backer level in this case, unless the guy running the forum has installed some specific addons the IPS board only uses post count for the ranks (unless manually set for people in groups, Kickstarter Backers for example) I say this as someone who first used IPS forum software when it was originally released and many others before that for many years on quite large sites. Bottom line is though it really doesn't mean anything, its just an arbitrary piece of information that has no value, you can have 30 or 3000 posts, what matters is if the posts are worth posting. (I am in no way saying my or anyone else's posts are better or worse or have more or less value than anyone else)
  14. Kaiphus_Kain

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    Its an arbitrary rank based solely on the number of posts, most forums have this function built in and usually it takes quite a few posts to gain the next rank, id guess the next rank up from rookie is between 100 and 200 posts. Edit: That said it is possible there are ranks for backers or the system here is based on reputation instead (this would stop spammers ruining things for post count) Standard IPS Board is just based on the post count though.
  15. Nail on the head there, well said!