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  1. Kaiphus_Kain

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    Agreed, after having many convos with an Indie game dev I know about Steam and EGS My "Damnit I dont want anything to do with them" has turned to "Hell i'm not buying off steam if i can help it!" Still don't like the exclusive deals but I understand fully why devs are agreeing to them now.
  2. Kaiphus_Kain

    [Mission] Requesting Expansion

    Feels like a very nice idea and good potential addition to the game
  3. Kaiphus_Kain

    Xenonauts-2 August Update!

    Bit early in the month to complain about no update with that many exclamation marks.
  4. Kaiphus_Kain

    air support

    ^ What he said, adding anything to the tactical combat side like this would just make it pointless to even deploy troops for me.
  5. Kaiphus_Kain

    Dropship layout

    Chris means the current model is a V-280 Valor and that is being replaced
  6. Kaiphus_Kain

    Dropship layout

    Realistically if you were going into that hot an LZ wouldn't you pop smoke from the transport before getting out anyway? Add Smoke launchers to the transports that auto deploy on landing
  7. Kaiphus_Kain

    UFO design

    750mm armour penetration is damn impressive
  8. Kaiphus_Kain

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    Ok, think there has been a miscommunication then because that isn't what I have been talking about
  9. Kaiphus_Kain

    UFO design

    Yeah, would expect that to blast a nice chunk out of the smaller stuff but the bigger UFO's are unlikely to have scout like armour, bit like a Humvee vs a Main battle tank, RPG is going to blow the crap out of one and annoy the hell out of the other
  10. Kaiphus_Kain

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    I'm really not sure what you are on about here or why you are pointing out things that are obvious and have nothing to do with the thread? Researching the UFO's was never in doubt or going to be taken away, its a critical thing in X1 and X2.
  11. From a how weapons work perspective a Sniper Rifle does require a lot of time to take a shot, its not like a pistol where it is point and shoot, you have to take into account wind speed and direction, you are looking for a pin point kill shot trying to find the chink in armour or the place where there is a gap between plates etc when using this type of gun so one shot is very likely. Heavy weapons due to the nature of them would be similar but more because they are support weapons, not designed to be accurate per say (I know you could make an accurate shot with one if not going full auto or burst etc but generally that is not how they are used at all) but enable suppressing fire to stop others shooting the rest of your team by forcing them into cover.
  12. Kaiphus_Kain

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    Its more an immersion thing, just collecting a UFO wouldn't give you anything but a UFO and researching it wont automatically make reverse engineering it instantaneous, plus as Max pointed out you could have a method where this just gives you a bit more or as a way of getting some special item once for each type of UFO etc, lots of options that could add extras to a playthrough Not sure why you have even said this, not said there is any problem here
  13. Kaiphus_Kain

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    Sounds like a great idea
  14. Kaiphus_Kain

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    Yeah it equals lots of engineering projects, each type of alien and rank produces differing amounts of materials, each gun similar, alien ballistic weapons would give ballistic cores with pistol giving 1 say and a mini-gun 3 or 4, will agree it would likely be annoying for many if it went very high level but could be interesting as just the basics kind of thing with just getting Alloys and fuels from ships by taking them to bits, modding could then add the rest for crazy folks like me
  15. Kaiphus_Kain

    Xenonauts-2 Base Mechanics Update

    Incorrect, you are the only one being highly vocal about it and in the minority here, many of the rest of us have just as much if not more experience with these types of games so you are not special here and your ideas are not the only way to make this game work, there are not only 3 ways to solve anything. I do love the comment at the bottom, I have played all the games in the UFO series(originals and remakes and everything in-between), I know exactly what you are referring to, I do not agree that your idea is the only way to solve the base issue and simply have faith in Chris and the Team doing what is best, just because you think it is doesn't make it so, got to disagree with you on the same game comment too I loved X1 and even if this was just a remake into 3D id still happily back it. I didn't back X2 in any way shape or form based on how the base system worked, I backed it because I loved X1 and have faith Chris and the team will deliver a game i'm happy to play several hundred hrs of like X1 and all the other games like it that I've bought over the years (including all the ones you have so far mentioned as us obviously not playing), it isn't just X1 dumped into 3D though so it's silly bringing it up. Bottom line is your opinion is just that, yours, there are a whole lot more people who backed this that are happy with X2's progress than not right now based on the poll, like you this is my opinion and it means jack all to anyone else, the difference is I am not insisting I am right and everyone else is wrong or making assumptions based on no data.