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    Thread: unassigning a trooper from dropship, drops hes primary weapon

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      unassigning a trooper from dropship, drops hes primary weapon

      also got 'ghost trooper assigned to my drop ship cant add crew or scout as spots are full of nothing

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      as you can see i got 1 through 8 and 1 through 4 but i actualy only got 4 troopers in there

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      when i try to move the troops 1 through 4 can be moved but 5 throught 8 crashes the game

      creating a crash dump file in

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      Gus found a way around this. Sell the dropship

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      I have a similar issue. Steps I performed:
      - moved a chinook to a new base (towards N-America), but did not unload troops in old base.
      - When it got there, I could not buy soldiers due to no recruits showing bug. So I did the workaround for that bug, recruited soldiers, bought a vehicle.
      - tried to load the Chinook. Did nit work, Chinook is greyed out.
      - Chinook layout screen does not show soldiers or vehicles - perhaps because they are at the old base location.

      I have a save that goes right into this situation. If the save is required please tell me so.
      An attempt to attach it now leads to 404 Page not found.

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