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Thread: Xenonauts and Linux

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    Xenonauts and Linux


    I have preorder xenonauts through kickstarter and i have linux mint, a ubuntu based distribution. Xenonauts seems to work just fine in wine so far. But my desura in linux cannot install windows games (unless maybe installing another one from windows inside wine?). Will the rest of alpha builds be available without needing to update from old one and through? so that i don't have to install and run through desura in wine? It seems the build 10.21 is available at least i downloaded will the others ones also be available?

    thanks in advance

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    this was what i was afraid. The next build will be available to download in any place for who preordered the game, so we can test it on linux?
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    Take a look at the thread with the title 'How to download Xenonauts without using Desura'.
    That should tell you how to get hold of the builds.
    They are updated a little slower than the Desura one but generally not by more than a day or so.
    That shouldn't be affected by your OS as far as I know but you would have to try and tell us if it is
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    Yeah, you'll be able to download the game without using Desura using the links above. There's usually a delay between adding it to Desura and getting it up on the client-free download links but we'll try to keep that to as short a time as possible.
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