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Thread: My First hour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gauddlike View Post
    You can vary your maps a little more if you don't mind the odd bit of weirdness.
    If you copy some files from the assets/maps/industrial subfolders and put them together with other buildings of the same size it will swap between them randomly on missions.
    Just copy all of them to a single folder then paste them all into each of the folders.
    It is quicker than making a new level.
    You can also put multiple copies of the same submap in each folder if you want a higher chance of a certain building to show up.
    As always it would be a good idea to back up anything you alter.

    I would suggest putting these together:

    And these together:

    Some of these buildings have doors and external walls in different places so the level may look a little odd at times.
    Gaps between walls and fences, doors that lead into fields instead of pavements etc.
    Thanks Gauddlike, I shall give this a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I'll add some new maps at some point. Making them is a pain in the ass and I've not got round to it yet.

    The planned tilesets are:
    Arctic / Tundra
    Town (Terror map)
    Alien Base
    Xenonaut Base

    We're working on the base attack missions at the moment.
    Thanks for the info Chris. I imagine others could be added once the game is out and everyone buys it (which of course they will), but that's a fairly good list as is.

    If you do have the chance to add more maps in the near(ish) future, I'm sure it wouldn't be just me who would be grateful. It would certainly make it more likely for me to keep playing into the game and so help pick up on bugs or other things.

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