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Thread: combat info log

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    but you could still have things like "blown off a limb" etc.
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    I'm starting to wish someone makes a combatlog mod just to see all the fantastic options to list in the log everyone will come up with ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorlom View Post
    I assumed that whoever was in charge of the combatlog (would that be the soldiers or the commander?) weren't familiar enough with xenobiology to determine the location of reproductive organs or the damage inflicted upon hitting them. But I realize groin is just the area between the legs and doesnt need to contain a reroductive organ. And quite frankly it would not be very helpful at all`to determine anything if used on say the Andron race.
    true, but it was fun anyway.

    -- ????? critically hits molerat with BB gun in the groin for 2 damage.! OUCHIE?
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    While it may not damage their "jewels" as it were it could impact movement :P

    Location specific damage the interferes with things would be awesome but most likely way too much of a pain to code in.

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