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General UI Critiquing

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Thanks for the heads up. You're right about the greyed-out buttons on the Soldier Equip (and aircraft equip) screen. I'll change them to be more consistent with the other screens in the next patch.

I'll also have the background white removed from the mouseover tooltip for the soldiers on the dropship equip screen, and the "Equip Default Loadout" and "Set Default Loadout" buttons will be switched around too. That's been requested before.

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I didn't want to start a new thread, so I put it here.

Single clicking response on the battlescape is not very responsive. I often have to single click a Xenonaut or a target square twice to select it. In fast play this sometimes results with the wrong soldier moving to the wrong location.

Another UI critique I have is that tooltips for grenades would be more useful if they told me what grenade I was hovering over rather than the text about quick slots which I don't find useful.

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