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Tons of kudos


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Just wanted to tell developers: you are doing it right.

I've played V-19, frowned at graphics at first but then at a moment I realized it's morning already.

I'm a big fan of UFO-1 and UFO-3 (Apocalypse), and Xenonauts deliver.

V20-4 and V20-5 added almost everything I wanted to GUI and gameplay, so I'm sure devs won't screw things up.

My best money spent on a game in 2013, please keep doing whatever you are doing there same way.

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Best money spent I've on a game in years. Most AAA titles come riddled with bugs that usually don't get fixed (I'm looking at you Empire Total war!), or need one or more expansions just to feel like a complete game (Civ V). I really appreciate a developer who takes the time to make a finished product full of features and get things right vs one who tries to wow me with pretty graphics and take as much of my money thought DLC as they can.

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The numbers say it all - I'm currently at 151h in-game and that's before the game even left beta. This easily dwarfs the in-game time I've logged in any other game I have on steam, indie or AAA.

I have to admit, Xenonauts is ridiculously fun to play and somehow managed to recreate the addictiveness of original the xcom game.

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