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resolutions, pixel ratios and windowed

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I just pre-ordered and i've run into a little problem

i run 3 screen eyefinity with 3 17" 5:4 LCD screens. my "native" rez is 3840X1024.

now i know that Xenonauts only works correctly with 16:9 resolutions, it can also run it in window mode. the issue is that the only selectable resolutions are either 5:4(1280x1024/etc) or 15:4(3840x1024/etc).

is there anyway i can force Xenonauts to launch at a particular resolution mirrored? ie 1920x1080/1280x720/etc all being 16:9 and thus not having a problem.


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Hmmm. The problem is the resolution selection thing is handled by the engine rather than our code, so I'm not sure we can do anything about it. So the game's not letting you select a resolution that will fill just one of your monitors?

nope that parts fine, i can select 1280x1024, what i cant do is select 1920X1080 with windowed mode. in other words i cant select 16:9 resolutions, it looks like the rez's being offered is 1280X1024 and various 15:4 resolutions (3840x1024, 3072,768, etc). So if there was a way to force a particular resolution and then i run windowed mode that would allow me to play at 16:9 resolutions.

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Each time i launch the game it askes me about the resolution putting my current desktop as default (1280x1024). On 4:3 Xenonauts have weird texts and some of them ever overlap (personnel screen for example).

When i choose any of the other resolutions and select windowed mode - nothing changes. It still launches my default fullscreen 4:3.

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here is wikipedia link on resolution and respective sizes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Display_resolution

I noted in game recommend to run at 16:9 or 16:10 (which becomes 8:5). in wikipedia chart, that is either blue bars (16:9) or purple bars (8:5)

my screen is 1600 by 900, but i use windowed 1280 x 800 (which is 8:5).

Okim, you are running 1280 x 1024, is 5:4 (yellow bars)

unfortunately, the chart stops at 2560 x 2048 pixels. for those monitor capable of greater than that... break out calculator or use excel spreadsheet to do fraction reduction.


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