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Weapon and Suppression Balance Mod


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Weapon and Suppression Balance Mod - 1.05

The goal is to change Suppression to a game mechanic that is to be used intelligently, vs a mostly ignored given, and to give a bit of flavor to the various weapon tiers. Besides Suppression overall Weapon Balance is reworked with the idea each weapon has a purpose and advantage.

Also Alien stats vary more as they increase in rank. They have flavor, but none of them are harmless. Sebillians for example have a minimum of 30 reflexes that increase to 45. (Default is 20, which means you can run your entire squad right past them and probably wont trigger any reaction shots, and by default ALL Sebillian have 20 reflexes)

Changes (Vanilla 19.6):

-Suppression is reworked on human weapons with a general rule of 10 Suppression per bullet, with the exception of burst fire.

- Alien Bravery Stats Increased (Suppression Points = Bravery)

- Alien Accuracy Changed (Higher than 19.5, lower than 19.6)

- Human Weapons Accuracy Increased from 19.5, but generally less than 19.6

- Close Range Hit Bonus Increased (From +15 per tile within 5 tiles to +18 per tile)

- Suppression Point Regeneration per turn Increased from 25% to 50%

- Shotgun Range Increased from 10 to 12 tiles

- Grenade Throwing Range Increased +1 Tile

- Weapon Tiers now vary in stats besides increased damage (Weapon Damage Unchanged)

-Ballistic Pistol, Rifle, Sniper Rifle Reduced Suppression decreased to 10, Radius decreased from 3 to 1 (With the exception of Burst Fire)

-Shotgun Decreased to 25 Suppression, from 30

-Lasers are more Accurate than Ballistics, Plasma has Increased Suppression and Radius vs Ballistics but with equal accuracy, MAG Weapons have the Accuracy of Lasers, and the Suppression of Plasma.

-Suppression on Grenades Reduced

-Stun damage on Stun Grenades reduced from 40 to 30

-Stun Damage on Rockets Increased

(Download and place in your Xenonauts/assets Folder, and overwrite existing files.)

Version 1.05 (Experimental Beta 19.6 Compatible)




Feedback and Suggestions are Appreciated!

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Many good ideas, some of which I was going to use myself/used to some degree.

I was going to have lasers be more accurate, but have shorter range then ballistics (Due to the lenses only being able to focus for a certain set of distances, and suffering diffusion past their maximum focus range (Technically, they should have a minimum focus range at around 4 inches to.))

Plasma be more flashy, damaging (And slightly stunning.)

Mag weapons in my plan are nothing like this... But, that would be a spoiler.

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1.03 Changes

-Fixed (Seems so anyways) game bug where a grenade thrown outside of a range of 10 causes the grenade's effect not to work properly, such as a Flash Bang not suppressing correctly.

(This game bug could have effected my playtesting somewhat, let me know if anything seems off)

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Somebody should update some gameplay w/this mod (awesome, and I mean AWESOME, as it sounds) on the net.

I would like to, but I cant. My internet is so slow it'd take 1-2 days to upload a 20-30min video. (My internet is via carrier pigeon) I might try to do a video and take it over to my friend's house and upload it there.

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