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  1. marcoasalazarm

    An idea for a mod... "AA Alley".

    Although I am not really capable of manufacturing the mods myself, there was one idea I had in my head that I wish to toss into the field, see if it's even viable. Modifying the base creation system so it would be possible to create various small (and I guess cheap) "anti-aircraft battery" sites that could be peppered throughout the world map, which would give out small boosts to radar range (guess they may need to be very small) and will "intercept" UFOs that get on their area, trying to shoot them down. Not to mention they would also help reduce the "terror index" of the area they are assigned to (although guess this would need some reprogramming so as to make the reduction of the bases vs the increase because of alien activity balanced (maybe have the aliens go for terror missions more often?)). I guess that it may also need to do some reprogramming to the UFO behavior, so the UFOs go into "base attack" mode early and often, with a priority to target the "battery" bases over the "big" bases at first. Like I said, I wonder if this is even possible.
  2. marcoasalazarm

    Lowering difficulty level

    Anybody here has thought about making a "Humanity! F-Yeah!" mod, lowering the difficulty to ultra-easy? Or keeping the same difficulty, but improving the Alien AI and yet making humans and human hardware suck less (and/or make research faster), maybe reduce alien waves so your ticker doesn't feels like the Firaxis game after a while which (at least with my luck) seemed to be loaded with nothing but Terror raids? Of course, understandably people will foam at the mouth, but some of us are 1) ultra-casual gamers that got the game out of an induced sense of nostalgia and suck at strategy so would want to win the game at least once and 2) gamers that like to shove mods into games that make things sillier or cooler (like having access to the Wingsuit from the start in "Far Cry 3"). The modding community on this game is astonishing, but was just thinking of a "silly" mod idea. Heck, could even change the title screen to a photoshopped picture of Team America, show how silly it's supposed to be.
  3. Yeah, that sounds about right.
  4. I like the one on the left for the "Smart" grenade design (because of the panels opening to show the sensors), although the left one is also pretty cool. Guess both could exist within the same mod-maybe one is used for Frag and the other for Plasma? Or maybe one is a "smart" grenade (various types available as the game goes on) and the one on the right is… dunno… maybe an experimental super-stun gas grenade (with wider dispersion range or a more powerful gas)?
  5. Anybody here has any footage of gameplay with this mod? Because it sounds epic (then again, stabbing the living hell out of those damn aliens just sounds that way to me).
  6. marcoasalazarm

    Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0

    I sure hope this mod gets updated eventually. The planes alone look awesome (I must have faved all of them over on DevArt).
  7. marcoasalazarm

    Weapon and Suppression Balance Mod

    Somebody should update some gameplay w/this mod (awesome, and I mean AWESOME, as it sounds) on the net.
  8. It. Is. Awesome. One thing to mention: somebody should film these bad boys in action and post them on YouTube or some other place.
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