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Questions! More questions from me! Round 2

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So, I have finally bought the game on steam. I couldn't resist. And I must say, so far it's fantastic! Brings back so many memories.

Still. I have some questions.

1. I have noticed that all the characters gets a stat increase after each mission. Those who survive at least. But I'm wondering, is it possible to see those stat increases anywere on the geoscape / base menu?

2. You can only have 8 soldiers on the ship. But I'm wondering why? It looks like there is enough room on the ship. I don't have a tank, so I should be able to cram in some more soldiers right? Is this hardcoded in some way?

I had some more questions, but I have been drinking.. so I forgot them :confused:

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Ah, thanks for the answers.

Two more questions :)

1. Do aliens bleed like your own soldiers does?

2. What does it mean at the end of a mission when it tells you that you sold stuff? Does the game automatically sell your loot? I would rather keep those plasma pistols.

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I think they bleed, but I've never left them alive long enough to check.

You can't use alien weapons (you can in ground combat, but some stuff still needs to be added) so they are sold automatically. You make your own versions of their weapons.

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Hey Alienman,

Some more thoughts on your questions.

1/1 - Not that I've noticed, so you only see the soldier's current status current status rahter than their original status with progression.

1/2 - The number of soldiers was adjusted downwards, to make the early missions more of a challenge. Even so, there was only so many you could fit in there with the tank. Using the tank space for lots of extra soldiers will allow you to swamp the aliens, which isn;t good for game balance. I just think of the space as the Chinook having the capacity & fittings for the tank, whether or not you actually own one.

1/2 - Not to the extent I've seen them bleed out.

2/2 - Nearly all goodies are sold off at mission's end. This is again primarily for balance so you can't carry around the alien weapons that you're able to use. A bit of a logic gap for me and you can read more about it here. Essentially, it's there so you can have some fun by picking up weapons, but has an auto-sale balance to prevent you using them in place of researching your own.

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Tried that (UnlockItem). I had to make a research project unlock the manufacture project/s then manufacture a plasma pistol with the resource of a plasma pistol and the product of a plasma pistol. Then all the pistols I'd collected became equippable from the base screen.

Did the same thing with the plasma cells.

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So making a manufacturing job that produces the item so that the game knows it is in your stores then.

Looks like I will be adding a job for building an alien pistol recharging device that uses a pistol and produces a pistol then :P

The down side is someone will spend all of their time trying to manufacture hundreds of them...

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Kind of. You'd only need to manufacture ONE, then ALL of them become available. The other way to do it to limit the numbers would be to make a 'modified' version of the alien weapon, but that'd be a ton of work to get them to work properly.

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That was what I meant, add a job that unlocks use of the pistols.

Unless you can set a limit on production jobs somehow people may be fooled into trying to build ten of the unlock items thinking they need them to use pistols individually instead of as a one off.

An option may be to have the research award some kind of one off item then use that in production.

You would only ever be able to run the production job once.

A better option would be if Goldhawk could fix it so it didn't need such a big work around :P

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