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I currently run a popular show called "The Minecraft Monday Show" and always looking for a great new passion project. As a long time X-com Fan of Apocalypse, I'm fascinated by your game. And I have a love for supporting Indie games and giving more light on them.

I was very curious on what the media permissions were for showing off Xenoauts. Is it like Mojang with Minecraft where the testers have full permission to post any media type they would like? I found this to be one of the most strong points for them and helped develop a very strong community that grew up helping create their game.

I look forward to hearing what the permissions are or a link as I could not find it.

Thank you





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Yup, you're free to stream the game and do whatever you want with the build provided it's clear this is not a finished game and not all the content is in place yet. It's probably not quite finished enough to do a proper Let's Play yet (as there's only one battlefield map) but it's not far off it.

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