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Just wanted to be sure of how doors work...

Currently, the door icon that appears when I hover over a door is just an indicator, and not something I click to actually open the door, right? I don't have to open doors, I just point to a tile on the other side, and it automatically opens it, correct?

Is there, or will there ever be an 'open door' command (if you want to open the door, but not travel through it... for example, to just clear a firing path)?

Can you/will there be a command to CLOSE doors?

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BTW, in one session, I had an open door, with an alien on one side (standing in the doorway), and me on the other side of the door (not the doorway, but the door), on the tile beside him/it. He managed to shoot me, even though there was an intact door between us. Shouldn't the door provide cover, and if he actually shot through the door, should the door graphic not be replaced with a damaged/destroyed one? Has that been added, or is this a bug?

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Ive seen aliens trying to shoot through doors plenty at their bases, but not actually kill any of my soldiers through them, while intact.

The right click to open doors wouldnt work for me, in the beginning, but then kinda got fixed. Still some situations where doors seem to jam, specially at their bases.

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Doors can jam at alien bases, usually because the aliens think they can hit you through the fog of war, they end up breaking the door or something.

Bring a rocket launcher. =]

But yea, right-click opens and closes doors, be careful you don't accidentally do it while rotating units.

Also I've noticed that Xenonaught's base blast doors can be opened but not closed. Maybe this is intentional to increase base defense difficulty?

Usually the aliens are to busy camping my hangars to actually attack... =\

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