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I'm ancient enough to fondly remember UFO Enemy Unknown and am always excited when someone tries to recreate that game. So I just played Xenonauts for a while (8.5) and it left me with high hopes for the final realease. More so than any other attempts so far - and yes, I played them all. I noted down my thoughts and after eliminating the things already mentioned in the sticky post I'm left with the following so far:

- Tactical Maps. I'm sure someone must have mentioned this before. It needs more and different types.

- Tactical Combat. Scrolling is painfully slow, I'm not getting any younger here while trying to go to another part of the map. How about a Mini-Map with click-centering functionality (and color coded dots for units)?

- Equipping. Right-Click for automatic equipping and un-equipping.

- Beginning Research. Nothing more frustrating than having a Research Lab and Researchers but discovering that you cannot research anything. And the first thing I got to research was Plasma right away. I much preferred a Human invention first like the Laser. An improved Rifle with special Ammo would do the trick just as nicely until you start with the Alien Tech.

- There need to be items you manufacture that can be sold at a profit. Not having this takes the whole economic playstyle out of the game.

I'm looking forward to future builds - keep up the great work!

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More ground combat maps is in the works. After ground combat is more finalised probably.

Mini-map might be coming eventually (not actually sure), but having scroll speed variable in the options menu is a good idea. You can also use the WASD keys to scroll, and I think they're a bit faster.

You can quick-unequip with r-click in the baseview soldier screen. Double-click should quick-equip items.

There's a thread about starting research, with a bunch of ideas. Laser tech requires capturing alien weapons first. Improved ballistic rifles is unlikely. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?429-Pre-UFO-Research-Options-Thoughts

Manufacturing stuff for profit is unlikely (its in the FAQ). Tends to unbalance the game, either making it too easy, or too hard for new players who might not do it.

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