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  1. I'm ancient enough to fondly remember UFO Enemy Unknown and am always excited when someone tries to recreate that game. So I just played Xenonauts for a while (8.5) and it left me with high hopes for the final realease. More so than any other attempts so far - and yes, I played them all. I noted down my thoughts and after eliminating the things already mentioned in the sticky post I'm left with the following so far: - Tactical Maps. I'm sure someone must have mentioned this before. It needs more and different types. - Tactical Combat. Scrolling is painfully slow, I'm not getting any younger here while trying to go to another part of the map. How about a Mini-Map with click-centering functionality (and color coded dots for units)? - Equipping. Right-Click for automatic equipping and un-equipping. - Beginning Research. Nothing more frustrating than having a Research Lab and Researchers but discovering that you cannot research anything. And the first thing I got to research was Plasma right away. I much preferred a Human invention first like the Laser. An improved Rifle with special Ammo would do the trick just as nicely until you start with the Alien Tech. - There need to be items you manufacture that can be sold at a profit. Not having this takes the whole economic playstyle out of the game. I'm looking forward to future builds - keep up the great work!