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Infinite 'Hidden Movement' temporary fix

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I could use a fix too (or instructions where to tinker), please. Tried your executable, but it didn't work.

Here's the save:


v20.8, no mods.

If the automatic fix broke it might take a little longer. I'd have to find the piece of code for the fix again...

The link is invalid.

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Hi, i got infinite loop problem in Release version 1.05 (hidden movement). I play iron-man mode, no backup save :(

Save location: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_t9wPRj1xjwVE02VVdFM0F0Q2s

Version: 1.05, Windows, No Modes

I tried XenonautsLoopFix.exe, but i always receive "Could not find the Xenonauts process.". I tried debugger, but i was not able to jump out of the loop without crashing Xenonauts process (hard to do without pdb symbols :( )

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  • 9 years later...


i started to play the game, and i found this problem. I tried to apply the fix, but it says it can't found the xenonauts process. I downloaded and unfolded the fix in the root game. I dont know if i miss something i should do, but i tried to execute it when the game is already started (actualy, in the very same bug moment) and i tried to open it before launch the game and tried to use it when the bug appears.

The game is the steam standar one, no mods. I uploaded my save game with the name "bug.sav"


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