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Experimental Build Question: Can I test on Mac?

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(TL;DR: Can I have a Mac version of the Experimental build?)

So, here's my dilemma, gents:

I run OS X, and so far have simply been taking the standalone Windows version and putting it in a wine wrapper to get it to work. I do this because the Mac build has never been up to date, and because putting the Windows build in Wine works just fine, never had problems.

Until now.

See, the Experimental build will only be available through Steam, correct? And unless it suddenly got a lot easier to port a game from Windows to Mac, it'll be Windows only?

From what I understand, the Stable build will be Win/Mac/Linux, but the Experimental will only be Windows.

Since it's Steam, and it tries to be helpful, it won't install a game that you can't run on your OS. Generally, this is appreciated, but now it's simply annoying, because this means that I won't be able to download and play the Experimental build and continue helping the game, because I don't run Windows anymore (not enough disk space to dual boot anymore).

Does anyone know how to download a Windows game on Steam while running a different OS?

Or will there be a way for me to have a Mac version of the experimental?

One recommendation, whoever uploads the game (I believe it's Chris, but I could be wrong) could upload the Experimental build plopped into a wine wrapper. I can write up instructions for how to do that, and even build the wrapper itself so you simply have to place the folder into the wrapper. I just don't want to become useless and only be able to play the (still much appreciated) Stable build, and have to watch from the sidelines.

Thanks everyone!

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In short, no. We use an external porter and all the back and forth and messing around transferring files means it's only worth doing it for the big releases like the Stable ones.

It's a shame that Steam's not going to let you download the PC version though. I kinda assumed it would :(

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Yeah, I figured that was the case.

Yeah, I don't think they let me download windows games, at least not that I'm aware of. I sent a message to the guys over there, but so far, when I buy a windows only game it doesn't let me download it.

Hmm... I'll check again. Maybe I can figure something out.

Anyway, semi on topic, do you know of an ETA until the Mac version gets uploaded?

Also, what did you think about my wineskin idea? Also too much work for a very limited audience, I'd assume?


Ha, so I may be able to install Steam for Windows in Wine, and trick Valve into letting me download the game. Then I can put that in Wine, and run that. It's more complicated, but it might just work.

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I tried a PC steam wrapper and sucessfully downloaded the v18 steam version , only problem is the steam client is in Swedish or something, and steam will detect your username from another computer and send you an email to unlock it... not great, but at least it works


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Thank you, you are a brilliant and a wonderful person. haha, downloading soon. :D

Although, the website where the wrapper is stored is moronic and is telling me that my browser is obsolete, and that I need to download Chrome to download things off of the internet. Sigh...

EDIT: Opened Chrome, just to appease, and it'll hopefully work well. Thanks mate!


Ha, this is hilarious. So, even though it was in Swedish, my knowledge of languages was enough that I could log in, ensure that my computer was remembered, and navigate my way through the menu system to change the language to English. (With very minimal use of Google Translate. I did change Steam's website to Swedish, though, so I could have a common language between the website and the client while I was searching the menus.)

Anyway, it'll work (probably haha). Thanks again!

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