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Personnel/Training screen and character class

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There might be training later in the game. If not, rename this to just Personnel?

More importantly, would it be possible to include that useful character class tag that's now visible on the Soldier Equipment page? There's potential for letter overflow, but there's likely some spare space in the Armour and Status fields.

EDIT: Knew there was something I'd forgotten. Ability to change armour on this screen would be useful if you've just rotated the injured people off the dropship and need to reissue their armour to their replacements.

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It'd also be nice to be able to select more than one guy at a time on both equip and personnel pages, so you can mass transfer soldiers on or off chinooks, or designate a new batch of rookies to be (say) heavy weapon class instead of riflemen. I imagine it'd be useful in the new UI as well.

Also, being able to double click a soldier's name on the personnel screen and the game takes you to the soldier on the equipment screen. Imaging checking that Cpl. Jim has made a full recovery, you now want to make sure he wasn't stripped, so you merely double click his name and you don't have to spend time looking for him on the equip page.

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