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Soldier Carrying Capacity & Strength

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Regarding stats:

1) Stats of new recruits increase over time - as the game progresses this is necessary, otherwise trained troops become literally irreplacable.

Let's say they get +5 stat points every 2 months up to max of 65-70?

As Xenonauts scores moe sucesses and geta better reputation, not only are the miltiary mroe willing to let their best soldiers go to join the Xeno team, but the knowledge existive operatives gained is distributed to other nations/troops. New traingin regimes and tactics pioneered by Xenonauts are filtered down. Hence, better recruits.

2) Skills like JA2.

Just enough to give troops a bit more diversity and character


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I made a thread on it already, so I'll just post a link here, but I really favor a "potential" system being used in conjunction with growth-through-use systems.

Long story of the thread short, I think it would be best to use a "reverse" growth potential for this game, where characters only gain stats through training in their downtime, (taking care of the logic fail,) and instead gain potential (which is an experience-gain-rate multiplier) when they go on missions. Hence, without going on missions, the troops gain stats at decreasing rates, reaching near-zero. By going on missions, they gain increases in their rate of growth that decline back down over time.

That would mean that, even with going on 5 missions a day, a soldier still only goes up in stats faster for having been hardened in combat, not instantly capable of benching 10 more pounds.

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