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Air squadron management

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I think of several features:

1) Dynamical (in air) squadron management:

- possibility to split squadron in air (example: low-fueled F's come home while MiG continues pursuit)

- possibility to join several planes (even from different bases) in a squadron to allow them attack UFO together

(of course, planes to-be-joined must be in same waypoint or tailing same UFO)

2) Dynamical (in air) base/hangar reallocation:

- if a base have a free hangar and my plane (from another base) is near it - why I cannot land it here?

- why do I need unarmed C-17 to move my MiG from base to base, when distance is less then MiG range?

(Interface: when selected waypoint for squadron is base but not home, and have enough free hangars, popup "Fly to waypoint/Land and set as homebase/Cancel")

I do not know if these features are possible, and if possible how hard to implement.

But IMHO they are useful and give even more reality without breaking game balance.

Maybe in add-on if not in final release? :)

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