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Will Playing the Alpha ruin my finished game experience?


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Hello all,

I preordered the game to help the kickstart and have been lurking the forums for the last couple of months, however I have not been playing for fear I will see too much of the content and ruin the playing of the finished game. Anyone have any input for me? Is all the final content being used? I am just dieing to play was hoping for at least beta by now. BTW I do intend to participate in beta to help debugging.

Thanks, Happy gaming!

First post...How do i get my preorder badge thingy? Scratch that it worked just got an error from Desura when i did it shocker i know..

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The alpha is severely restricted in terms of content and can't be completed to the finale.

Also, this isn't the kind of game you start and finish the first time through. Rather one you take a training stab at first, then play for real with knowledge of the basic mechanics.

So go for it.

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I think any time you play an unfinished game it will have an impact on your enjoyment of the finished product.

It depends a lot on how you interact with the alpha and beta stages though to how much of an impact, and how it affects you.

Some dip in to see how the game is coming along and get annoyed about bugs so that could be a negative for them.

Others dig deep into the files to see how things work and hunt down references to things that are in the late game and not yet added.

That would kill the enjoyment of some who prefer not to know what the research tree will look like or what the tougher enemies will be.

You will almost certainly see some things that you would otherwise not run into until later in the game as those also need to be tested.

You will definitely run into bugs that will be frustrating and spoil your gameplay.

If that ruins the experience of the final game then I would suggest waiting until late beta or release until playing.

If you are happy to shrug that off and want to get dug into the game early, despite its limitations, then you can always give the alpha a try.

You won't lose out by waiting for a full version to play.

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Thank you for your insight Gauddlike. I will just probably play a few missions to see how it's going. I also get nearly as much enjoyment from modding games as playing them, so I will be one of those file diggers you speak of ). All-in-All I have no doubt this is our best hope for a real XCOM experience like I remember.

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Ok I played a couple of quick battles because to me the turn based ground tactical game is the most important thing. A couple of observations:

1) I have been lurking about and realize the AI is not fully impemented and there is someone working on it. Currently it seems to be nonexistant. IMHO a game like this thrives or dies based on it's AI. I would like to know if the final implementation of the AI will be statically scripted or adaptive?

2) Is it intended for starter aliens to pop out of the UFO door and 1 shot insta kill troups?

3) Bug..my tank was destroyed and disappeared yet all of the area it occupied remained as if it was still there making moving my troups around a pain in the a$$ because there wasn't much room.

4) The entire map was devoid of most everything except some terrain and cover. I had 2 civies near a barn other than that nothing except the UFO spot.

Don't take this as bitching and complaining I know this is Alpha. Just providing some feedback on my first missions.

Happy Gaming!

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