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[Xenonauts 2 Suggestion] Abduction mission should not end after the timer runs out


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I don't think the abduction missions (rescue civilians from tubes) should end after the turn timer runs out— it really feels like cheesing to have the aliens just disappear after, and not having to fight your way out. Shouldn't it be necessary to clear the map?

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23 hours ago, krolyn said:

Completely agree! It makes no sense to leave the aliens roaming around and the rest of the humans inside the tubes.

I would much rather have that after X turns the aliens get some reinforcements (like the cleaner missions).

After X turns for abduction mission, people  in tubes are abducted. They are beamed up to the alien ship.

Same with aliens, they are beamed up to the alien ship. There nothing left player could fight.

Perhaps some missions could have a outro, animation or  single screenshot.  Where player get a visual reward in form of static hand made picture of happy saved people meeting relatives ( or not, a picture of beams of energy with am alien ship, in case of largely failed mission then eventually a picture of vivisection table with a sound of screaming in background )

To give player visually and sound feedback  how  is the result of the mission.

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