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  1. I don't think the abduction missions (rescue civilians from tubes) should end after the turn timer runs out— it really feels like cheesing to have the aliens just disappear after, and not having to fight your way out. Shouldn't it be necessary to clear the map?
  2. I started my first campaign on Ironman Impossible yesterday evening after I bought X2 on Steam, and I've enjoyed it greatly so far. However, I wanted to take a break, but the game wouldn't close, so I force-quit it. Then when I go to load my ground combat save (first Cleaner intelligence hub mission) today, it gets stuck at 90% loading for at least a couple hours now. My logfile is empty, for whatever reason, but I did attach a screenshot of the loading screen and my savegame. Please help, I don't want to lose my campaign! iron_man-13.json
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