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desura registration problem

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Hi there,

As many others I had pre-ordered the game before desura, and for some reason could not get back to it until now.

Basically the proof of purchase was acknowledged by goldhawk (hence the badge), but then I'm stuck.

I have also created a desura account. However I did not receive any e-mail or desura notification, and obviously desura does not think I own the game.

If I'm not mistaken , I did not receive any mail just after the switch to desura either (but it was a long time ago, maybe it went to the trash bin by mistake after all).

Anyway, I've spent quite a bit of time doing research on these forums and could not find a definite answer to my problem. I apologize if the issue was already raised a couple of times, but still I'm dead in the water.

Any idea before I bother Chris with an e-mail?

Thanks in advance.

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