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[V17.1 - Air Combat] Graphics Glitch and Crash

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I just encountered a strange Glitch in the Air Combat.

I stupidly sent one F17 against a group of three small fighters.

When it arrived there were two of my planes on the air combat screen, but only one on the right where the status is displayed.

When the aliens got close to my plane suddenly more aliens appeared close to the "phantom plane".

after they destroyed my plane the game froze, task manager reported it to have stopped working.

I don't have screenshots or a means of reproducing it, when i find this bug again i will make some screenshots an try to fond a safegame.

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I have this crash every once in a while as well. In October when the fighter UFOs really start swarming. not sure if my interceptors are colliding with two fighter groups on the world map, or if it is a bug caused by one group.

But it does always seem to be three fighters in the group I can see.

The sounds are duplicated as if two combats are happening at the same time, I can hear missiles fire that my on-screen planes are not firing. then crash.

Really only showstopper for me in 17.1

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