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Will Xenonauts 2 come out in 2023?

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5 hours ago, Gulskjegg said:

Been waiting literal years since the crowdfunding effort. I see lots of betas, but have no idea if any of them are actually playable, so I don't want to invest my time. Is the game expected to be FULLY released this year?

The final game won't be released this year, but we're expecting to release into early access in Q2 (i.e. in the next three months). The game should be entirely playable for a good 5-10 hours in that state, although potentially lacking some polish and late-game content.

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Played some missions now after not having done it for a while. I really like it and had to stop to not get sucked in with a dead end save file :) It really feels good now - and the tutorial mission feels great for people that have not played it before!

My only comment after some missions is that my base is full of injured soldiers now that feels a bit boring. Yes, it should take some time to get back into action, but maybe a bit faster would be nice? Realistic - yes. But aliens and cleaners on earth bends reality a bit ;)

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