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  1. Mmm Roxed - your idea of moving away the stuff to the side seems like a good way to do it. I mainly want more information on the screen so that would make it possible. Looking at many other games it is a pretty common way of doing it. Having said that I have no major problem with the X1 UI - and I like the retro feel of it that fits the game. I mainly want a bit more info without clicking / hovering over a unit. And as everyone (?) these days runs 1920x1080 or higher resolutions there is space for a bit bigger panels?
  2. Well - I can agree that the flags are really not "relevant" - but I just finished playing through XCOM2 and in my head the soldiers are "Kobe - the sniper from Japan", "Jojjo - the heavy weapons guy from Sweden" etc. Having said that I agree that it can be in the soldier detail panel below when selected - but there it does make sense for many I think for that "bond" to the soldiers. When you look at some sniper the name "Aerts" may not connect - but with the flag from Belgium next to it you remember who it is... For me at least that works very well for adding immersion in some strange way. But - I did another proposal for the sake of it. Don't want to get rid of the names as it just becomes a bunch of numbers otherwise. Zlatan, the sniper from Sweden will not get number 4 every time so with two snipers in the team they become very anonymous... Often in XCOM2 at least I always knew that Jojjo (the heavy weapons guy from Sweden) carried some special grenades etc - so you want to find him and not the other guy. With the new proposal below I removed the M16 icon that takes way too much space. Just did some quick "icons" for infantry with chevrons, bullets for heavy, circle for shotgun (not happy with that) and crosshair for sniper. In 10 minutes so yes they are there for the idea And with this proposal there is even less space for the name - but I would like the option that XCOM2 has with "nicknames / callsigns". That way you can have a nickname limited at 8 characters and call them "Jojjo" or similar (he had a longer real name I don't remember). Edit - adding the way it looks right now in the Alpha below for comparison...
  3. Mmm - I definately like the hover info. The problem for me at least is that I just want to visually scan the row without moving the mouse over them to find "Zlatan" for example as I want him to lead. Therefore I would like to have the names in the mini panels. Otherwise with two snipers I need to hover over them to see who is my favorivte Ace. And then we do end up with "board game counter". But I do like those Did some more editing on my "crowded counters" and removed some box around the flag and added a background for the name...
  4. Agree that it is really way to much information in that small box - and the flag is the "least" relevant. But I do think that it's nice for that "bond" with your soldiers (and the names can be a bit hard to remember but "Eeales from Ireland" helps the brain). So another alternative below with the flag on the same row as the weapon image, getting more space for long names (or some other icon in the top right corner showing states like "supressed" or similar).
  5. Updated the last option (5) with a bit smaller bars and "mid turn" state that better shows what it would look like in the game. I feel that it would make playing the game a lot easier for me at least as it's all about keeping track of TU when playing. Zoomed in below
  6. OK - squeezed that into my original post with another proposal
  7. Agree - and thinking of what you said I did another edit with the TU fat on top...
  8. Thanks for your reply. Did not know there would be more than 8 soldiers - that's nice. Added another proposal in the original post just for fun with flags (like in another game - actually good to remember who is who). Also compressed it so that it takes less space than the current one actually.
  9. Hi, Been around since the original X-COM (and before). I really like turn based tactical games but my daytime work as a Software Development Manager takes too much time so I did unfortunately not read about Xenonauts until the GOG giveaway. Love the game and have pledged in the Kickstarter for Xenonauts 2 now. Really looking forward to it! Playing the Tech Demo (and yes I understand it is an alpha), I realized that the soldier panels are way too small for me at least (and thats only on 1920x1080). I was looking for a UI-scaling option with no luck. For me the vertical bars representing health / action points etc are too small. Especially the action points bar is very important when planning your moves. Did some quick edits to show what I mean: 1 - The way it looks now in the tech demo: 2 - The easiest "fix" - Just scale up the soldier panels 3 - OR change them a bit putting the bars horizontal for more granularity. And for example add the name as you often want to select a specific soldier.. 4 - EDIT: Added another one with flags and "compressed". Maybe a bit bloated... 5 - EDIT: A final one after discussion in this thread with TU on top as that really is the most important one and soldier numbers for shortcuts. Did this one "mid turn". Ibra next in line 6 - Final cut with background for the names and flags on the same row as the gun Good luck with the game!
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