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Option to skip air combat


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space invaders! we get to shoot down 30 UFOS at once and then get to salvage each of them in turn in whatever order we like!

(This is sarcastic but not intended as a jab at anyone)

Edit: Oh, hmm... I thought this was an old thread that got necroed... should I delete my original post? meh I'll let it stay.

Here are some links to old threads on similar topics:




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What's your suggestion then on how to down UFOs?

On second thought, I think a small $ penalty for the annual payment would be a much better solution.Player just instant wins air combat when the air combat is toggled off

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Even if you send a F-17 against a corvette with 2 escorts, or a battleship?

Taking out the air combat would unbalance the game dramatically, a small $ penalty wouldn't cover it.

What about an expanded quick battle feature, where you could choose the type of mission, what tileset, load up your soldiers inventories,etc.?

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