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game crash on workaround loading?


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The game loads but it doesn't progress but when i try the workaround by starting a new game before loading, it crash every single time.(only on certain save files)

other game crashing bugs:

-throwing a grenade or shooting a rocket at a planted c4

-engaging 3X very small fighter planes or ships with escort, it seems that the game might spawn 2 of the minigame screen and the game crashes after 1 of them ends.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. :D

Matthew would probably like those saves if you could upload them for him. He would probably also like if this was posted in the bug report sub forum. :)

I would suggest you read the guidelines before posting to make his life easier :)They can be found here

PS. That thread does not seem to mention that it is easier for Matthew to track bugs if there is only one bug per thread. :S

I think that third bug about double intercept minigames has already been reported so if you can find that thread and post in it instead of making a new one it would be appreciated.

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