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Unplayable with Eyefinity

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I'm using a triple 1920x1200 monitor setup with Eyefinity, giving a native desktop resolution of 5760x1200. When Xenonauts launches, this means I get a highly magnified image of the top third of the game screen, making it impossible to access any menus to modify the unusable resolution.

This means that while Eyefinity keeps denying us an off/on toggle option (which is a whole 'nother kettle of stupid not to get into here), while Xenonauts has no windowed game launcer with Options acces, and the main client doesn't have a dynamic adaptation to the resolution it actually operates in, I will not be able to play/test this game at all with my gaming rig. Which is a shame.

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Okay, feeling a bit stupid now for missing that, Gauddlike. But unfortunately, resetting resolution to a more normal 1920x1200, while allowing me to get access to the ingame menus, it gives me an identical, borderless image on all three screens even in Windowed mode. Which is both confusing and annoying, since it totally fails the entire purpose of having a windowed mode. It does however run in a proper window if I reduce the game resolution further to below a single monitor's resolution. Weird. Oh well, at least I can play the thing now.

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