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[V18 - TERROR mission] Another CTD but during my turn this time

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CTD on first go of terror mission. One of my squad went out the side door and shot one of the Sebilians to the right of the chopper. He hit him for 36 HP and the Seb turned towards him, then the dev con popped up and said the following:

No HumanIKControl found for gameobject:alpha^default^default(clone)

No HumanIKControl found for gameobject:alpha^default^reaper(clone)

Nullreferenceexception: A fatal error occurred during update[] - Object reference not set


I reloaded the save from the start of the game and could repeat it if I shot the same Seb with the same trooper.  




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Thanks. Couldn't repro this one either but again I imagine I've got this crash in another save game, as most of them seem connected to reaction fire.

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