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What do you think about pilots with levels?

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Rather than just having our planes, what about actually hiring pilots for them?

They could gain XP and improve their skills as they fly more missions. And if a plane is shot down, there could be a chance of them bailing out and surviving. Maybe even having research to improve their odds.

It would be neat to be able to keep a good pilot going for a long time, and putting them in new planes as you get them.

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I think it’s could be really cool if the soldiers stats also reflect in the air game. Maybe something about STR at certain threshold giving pilots different more varied ways of dodging fire from evasive roll to more advanced maneuvers, ACC giving a boost in rocket speed, and RFL giving a small bonus on cool down of dodging skills.

Downed pilots could be a cool way of implementing rescuing VIP missions. Where after a failed air combat session, the aliens will land to try and kill your pilot and your soldiers can intervene.

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