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Soilder aqusition via confict on battlescape with other xenonauts org's

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been watch people play xcom war of the chosen mods and saw one that was very interesting

they had mock xcom on the battle field, basicly another origination fighting aliens (and you), if you knocked out one of their troops and removed him from the battle field before they did he became a unit you could use/recuit, it was missing a bit as they fought with advent and did not seem to target them

3 way conflicts were the xeno's and you are also targeted by a 3rd force humm interesting

the other one i found interesting was the lost mod were killed came back as zombies but with higher health than normal zombies, no matter which side the belonged to xcom or advent a crysilid varent were a crysilid is not created but a zombie

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I think that doesn't work for Xenonauts. Xenonauts is about preventing the alien invasion, not trying to remove them from power once they're here. Xenonauts story is much more centered around the fact that the Xenonauts are a very official and globally supported organization fighting against an unknown enemy. Xenonauts are not a small guerilla force, they are an international organization with huge amounts of resources at their disposal, like the UN.

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