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Xenonauts-2 January Update

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Happy Christmas / New Year everybody! The various members of the Goldhawk team are starting to arrive back in the office after the Christmas holidays now, and we'll be back to full strength at the start of next week. We were all working rather hard towards the end of the last year with the beta launch and the flurry of bugfixing immediately afterwards, so it's been good to have a bit of a break before we get straight back into it this year.

The launch of the closed beta was a big success for us, as we achieved exactly what we wanted to achieve with the first build - to test that the foundations of the game and identify the bugs and areas of the game that weren't working properly. As we expected, there were a LOT of problems with the first build (there always is) but the community was extremely helpful in terms of reporting bugs and that allowed us to a fix a large number of issues very quickly. Something like 80 bugs total and 15 crashes got fixed in just over one working week post-release, and although there's still quite a few issues in the game that will take longer to fix, the stability is certainly much improved!

For the final working week of the year the coders took some time to refactor the codebase and work on some required backend things we'd been putting off in order to concentrate on fixes and polish for the beta. We're now starting work on the V2 beta builds, which will expand the playable time somewhat and add some additional content - but are primarily intended to test how well the game can deal with multiple consecutive missions. Things like the soldier stat progression, wounded units healing, etc. Once again you shouldn't expect this to be a particularly playable build but it will be slightly more playable than V1 was.

At this stage I'm not completely sure what the timeline for V2 is going to be, but I suspect it'll be about two weeks after everyone is back - some time around the 22nd January

I'll post a longer update as the release window gets closer and I have a better idea of the intended feature list, I just wanted to tell everyone that Goldhawk is now open again for the New Year and we've started work on the next build!

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Happy New Year to you guys as well! Good that the first play tests helped you so much, there were quite a few very active testers out there!

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