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Latest game version, community edition installed and working, but no audio can be heard, neither soundtrack or any game audio.

I tried with both speakers and headphones, no sound comes out; and no I have not messed with the audio files; and yes the sliders for audio are both at 10. Also drivers are updated.

I am a bit tired right now, so maybe I have overlooked something but none of the solutions I have found for this problem worked.


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Try talking with @Chris maybe he can refund your money.

There is ofcourse no way of knowing if a problem on your side didnt occur, but from developing history i know that it is impossible to make a game working on every single different setup, you only will ever hit 99% of users. If you buy a new pc i guess it will be working.

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Yeah, if the audio isn't working then best get a refund for it (assuming you've also tested it without the community edition, that is).

Unfortunately, it's not an issue I've ever encountered before so I can't really give you any useful suggestions as to how you could fix it. Sorry about that.

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I have potentially fixed this issue: 

I had this bug, tho I heard this weird sound on the main menu just as it loaded, and went thru the following trouble shoot:

- Ran as admin

- Verified integrity of the install twice

- Rebooted computer

Finally after almost pulling my hair out I just clicked on settings (win10), Devices, Sound Settings and then finally Sound Control Panel.

I got a notice window that something was off with the driver or enhancements weren't working, and then the sound just returned when I launched the game again.

Really weird bug, I hope it doesn't return.

I made an account on this forum just to make this post, didn't want someone else to get the computer-rage over this bug :P

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