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[V1.65W - Ground Combat] Audio - Frequent unending looping of enemy footsteps

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Almost every combat mission I fight, I will encounter this bug. During the alien movement phase the foot step audio for an alien will start looping, and continue looping until that specific alien is killed or the mission ends. It is not limited to a specific alien type, and could be the sound of walking or running (if there's a difference)

I cannot reliably reproduce this, or predict it. And there is nothing specific I've noticed that might be a cause or co-symptom.

System: Win 7, SSD, running in Steam. Intel Xeon E3 cpu, Intel DZ77RE-75K mobo, 8GB DDR3 ram, EVGA GTX 970 video card, on-board motherboard soundcard using 5.1 speakers via 3 phone connector audio cables.

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I've gotten this too.

I occurs at the end of the alien movement phase when that phase ends with a moving alien.

Saving your game and reloading it (takes about 20 seconds) will clear the audio loop.

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Same here

Whilst attempting to fix a V-Sync issue I encountered this problem in three of the five back to back missions I played, four of which were the same mission replayed.

It also seems that the alien causing the problem finishes there move between tiles, most noticeable when attempting to target them or they are stood alongside another alien, this behaviour was experienced with Sebillians and Androns in Desert and Industrial areas respectively.

Shooting the alien will stop this sound loop (happened twice) as it plays its recoil from being shot animation, but if you kill it instead and it plays the death animation the sound loop will continue (happened once) until the game is reloaded (SkyRanger_01, Post 3) or the mission is ended.

This problem never appeared during approximately 200 hours of play on V1.09.

I'll be waiting to play this again and hoping this issue is fixed within the next month or so, from a quality assurance standpoint I highly recommend Goldhawk divert resources to solving this issue as it seems rather frequent.

Windows 7 - Nvidia GTX970 - I5-3570K - 8GB - Realtek

Unrelated: The above V-Sync issue was solved by forcing V-Sync on/fast/adaptive in the NVCP, try this if you have scrolling lag on Nvidia GTX970, I elected for fast on a 60HZ.

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