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Dang, I cannot install a flipping mod on OSX (Admins, move if in wrong forum)


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I do know that it does not work on steam workshop, that is why I've tried to install mods manually. Now, I do not know how to install the Community Edition version. Could you possibly give me some sort of concise instruction for those on OSX?

I would also like to note that I've checked out the installation for XCE herehttp://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11624-Xenonauts-Community-Edition-0-26

yet, I have no flipping clue where the game directory is. What is the equivalent of this on a mac?

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The Mac version is wrapped in wine, which means you have to navigate around inside the application. Inside the application is a copy of the Windows Xenonauts files buried in a directory structure that mimics a Windows PC (I think there's a "drive_c" shortcut that basically takes you there).

Once you've found the windows files, you can just copy the mod files into them as you would if you were on a Windows computer and it'll work fine. So you're basically installing it as if you were on a Windows PC once you find where the Xenonauts files are inside the wrapper.

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