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"Auto-victory" percentage for aircraft


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Simply put, sometimes I do not have a lot of time and sometimes I don't want to do yet another fight I have just done I like clicking auto-resolve. Yes, I know it is supposed to give less than going all out and less rewards but it has gotten ridiculous. I do not like the game forcing me into behavior when it givces the appearance of options.

How does one vary the success % chance for aircraft to auto-resolve fights? I mean via modding... Two of my fighters plus Foxtrot versus a medium and two fighters should not result in a total loss when my fighters can go toe to toe with theirs.

Any way to tweak the auto-resolve $$$ reward for air-striking landed craft?


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If you want to improve autoresolve, you'd need to improve the weapon strength values in aircraftweapons.xml There are two values you should look for Roll and NoRoll. These refer to UFOs that can roll and UFOs that can't. Jack those two up unmercifully.

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