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What happens after the release?


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Yeah, I'm not sure if this is practical business-wise, but if Xenonauts sells well-enough, I hope there's some way to go back and fill in a few of the corners that had to be cut due to resource constraints. Adding additional tile sets, alien races or background art, for example. But again, that probably doesn't make any business sense- no one is going to decide to buy the game when it has 8 tile sets, but not when it has 6, and you aren't going to get any meaningful amount of new publicity out of changes like that. If you can package that up into an expansion pack, and charge another $20 for it, it might make sense, but if people are going to pay again for the game, I think they'd expect something more like a 50% expansion of content, not a 20% one.

To me, in a perfect world, the smash success of Xenonauts would provide the resources to port it to the iPad... I haven't played any of the pre-releases, but I've always thought that both the geoscape and combat interfaces of X-Com would work well with a touch screen interface. Unfortunately, I'm aware that this makes no technical sense... I don't know what language the underlying engine is written in, but I'm certain it's not objective C. Too bad. On the other hand, I know that Chris has indicated he might go with a different engine if he could do things over again, so if Xenonauts does well enough to justify a sequel, perhaps that might provide an opportunity to switch to a tablet-friendly engine? If the most difficult part of the development is producing art assets, which is what it sounds like, it seems like there might be enough reusable work to make that practical. I don't even own a tablet, but do think that if this game were somehow available on the app store, it would sell like hotcakes, even at $20 a pop.

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The sort of support you are talking about does give a company a reputation for looking after its customers though.

It also falls under the DLC flag of things that might enhance the game but be non-essential to it.

I wouldn't mind forking out a few quid for extra tilesets, a couple of colour variations on the armour types or something similar if the price was right.

As long as Goldhawk can make a little profit on it as well it adds to their funds for when they start up their next game.

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