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KWill's Custom Role Symbols


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I preordered this game a while back and have been lovingly watching it grow. So I remember the days when role symbols were just black letters on a red background and I ended up making my own. I still prefer these over the improved ones and figured I might as well share now that the game is going live.


assault, commando, grenade

heavy, medic, rifleman

rocket, shield, sniper

square, triangle




https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8tgwwdh5uuhuvo/custom%20roles.rar' rel="external nofollow">

Download and unpack into Xenonauts/assets/uitextures/roles

Make backup copies of the original files if you want to revert.

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I'll be honest, I wasn't convinced by them just looking at the images in the post. But in the in-game screenshots they look really good. Can't decide it they'd work well with Skitso's Oppressive UI, but I might give them a try and see.

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