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  1. Hey folks. The staff of GM-ship (GM-ery?) in my D&D group has rolled around to me once again, and the folks I play with have asked me to run a game in a modern setting (I'm likely going to be using Green Ronin's True 20 system), and I thought a game inspired by/blatantly ripping off/making homage to Xenonauts would be neat, since about half of my group have played the game, at my insistence, and the rest have at least played XCOM EU. In digging through Xenonauts' install directory, I found some fonts that I'd like to use, but they're both .mvec files. If it's OK with Goldhawk, is there any way to access them as a .ttf or other usable font file? Thanks very much for any help you can give. EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's clear from the rest of my post, but just to make sure, this isn't for any kind of commercial endeavour; should I gain access to the Xenonauts typefaces somehow, the number of people who see anything I produce with them will be in the region of six.
  2. Well well, and here's me just about to start a new game! I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. TIME FOR THE NECRO TO OUTDO ALL NECROS There are two schools of pronunciation for Latin, the Classical (as spoken by the Romans, or as near as we can manage) and the Ecclesiastic (as spoken in modern religious services). Although the differences between them are relatively minor, they do affect the specific word you want to translate. In classical Latin, the letter V is pronounced as a W, there are no soft C's, the letter I is pronounced as "ee" and the letter E (when at the end of a word, and in other cases) is "ay". So, your word would be "Wee-Kay". In Ecclesiastic Latin, most pronunciation is slightly more contemperary, and it would be "Vee-Kay". You may address me as The Lich King, Master Necromancer.
  4. Sorry for necroing this thread, but I wanted to know if this mod is still being updated? The last change is a year ago, so it doesn't seem like it, but I figured I'd check.
  5. It's not exactly an optimal placement, gameplay-wise, but I like sticking a base in the Diefenbunker (more accurately, at CFS Carp) on occasion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFS_Carp
  6. I don't have links to any threads, but I believe vehicles of different sizes have been tried before, without success. As far as I know, they just don't work.
  7. Nah, Dr. Baltar's imaginary girlfriend flies it for you.
  8. Haha, thanks. I only helped out of self-interest, I assure you. I want this armour really bad.
  9. I don't know if this'll help, but there seems to be a free trial of Maya available here: http://www.autodesk.com/products/maya/overview I was trying to find out how much it costs, to see if I could afford to chip in some, but saw that instead. Will that do, do you think? EDIT: Wait, this might just be a free trial that adds features from the newest edition to the old ones. I'm gonna try installing it to make sure. Please hold until we know how clueless I've been. REVENGE OF THE EDIT: Well, unless the updates are almost 4 gb, it's a 30 day trial of the full product. Is that gonna be enough time to do the thing? If not, I just installed it anyway, so I can help out.
  10. I've just started a new game, so I haven't researched lasers yet (obviously). I have updated to this newest version with the first "section" in it, but would I be better off waiting until the rest is released to keep going? Will researching lasers in the interim give me access to the first installment but block of the other two when they're released?
  11. That worked! Much appreciated, bud. You always seem to solve things so simply.
  12. I do use notepad++. I don't really know what you mean about weapons.xml and items.xml being strange. Are you referring to the fact that they're xml spreadsheets? EDIT: Now that I'm not posting on my way out the door, I've realised how terribly written my OP is. Essentially, I wanted to say: I'm fairly certain the problem is coming from ammos.xml, and I can't figure out why it's not working. If anyone can, that would be very much appreciated.
  13. Hey folks. For lack of something to do, I'm messing around with xenonauts mods, and as far as I can tell things aren't working the way they should. Adding a new ammo to the game should involve a new entry in ammos.xml and items.xml, as well as a modified entry in weapons.xml and weapons_gc.xml for the weapon using the ammunition, right? And then strings.xml and a modinfo.xml, obviously. I wanted to try making the ak47 use a different ammunition from the default ballistic rifle, and I created/altered entries for the files I mentioned above (and I'm fairly certain I did it correctly, although my proficiency with the modular mod system is suspect), but whenever I try to test the mod, I get a CTD upon entering the soldier equip menu. The mod logfile indicated that there was an error merging the info from my ammos.xml file, but for the life of me I can't figure out why. Anyway, any pointers you could offer would be much appreciated. Please find enclosed my helpless flailings. [ATTACH]6069[/ATTACH] Flailings.jaypeg.zip Flailings.jaypeg.zip
  14. Cool, thanks very much for the response! I've played a bit with your mod now, and I definitely like it. I use Slayerjerman's old "Economy Restored" mod, and he recommends upping the starting cash in that mod, but I've found that combining these two makes the starting funds right on the money, as it were. Also I spotted your message. We are buds now.
  15. I'm downloading this now, as I like the idea. One concern I have, which you addressed partially in the original post, is balance. Does the reduced cost of buildings make new facilities so cheap as to be essentially free? Base building isn't a huge part of the strategy layer, but it is (in my opinion) an important one.
  16. No worries. Have fun building rifle bullets forever.
  17. Here's the file. It contains: -scripts>basebuilt.lua (grants access to items/manufactures upon construction of first base) -items.xml (changes several items from "unlimited" to "normal") -manufactures.xml (adds workshop projects for ballistic weapons, grenades, etc.) -researches.xml (alters the techs that unlock new items that previously replaced generic ones, such as Alenium Explosives and Sebillian Analysis. High tech grenades now exist alongside basic ones, rather than replacing them) -strings.xml (does as you'd expect, adding strings for the various new workshop projects) Back when modularised this mod, I ran into some trouble (solved by Kabill, shout out to that cool dude) caused by the Plasma Rocket and Singularity Cannon Ammo, so I had to replace those two workshop projects (ManTech.PlasRock and ManTech.ParticleAmmo in manufactures.xml). This has no effect in game, but you'll notice it if you dig through the files. Economy Restored Modular.zip Economy Restored Modular.zip
  18. I remember PMing him a few months ago and getting his permission then, so I'll upload it later tonight when I get home.
  19. A while back I altered the files for this mod to work with the Modular Modding System. If Slayerjerman approves, I could upload that for you.
  20. Thanks, man. I never would have figured that out. As you might have noted, I am super-amateurish at this kind of thing, and it honestly never occurred to me to check the modinfo log. I will try to remember that in the future.
  21. If you don't mind taking another look, I've run into something else; all the weapons and ammunition work fine (appear as limited amounts, and can be manufactured) with the exception of frag rockets, which cannot be manufactured and does not appear in the soldier equip screen. Similarly unavailable are all grenades that should be there at the game's start (frag, flash, and smoke) and combat shields. Medipacks appear in the equip menu but cannot be built. I've been looking at the items.xml and manufactures.xml files and I can't figure out what's wrong. I'm still working on it, but if anyone gets a chance, some more help would be much appreciated. EDIT: I have figured out that there is definitely something wrong with manufactures.xml, a minor change caused the entire document to not work (no weapons appeared as manufacturable). To clarify, that minor change was retyping the entry for frag rockets by hand in Notepad++ (as opposed to Microsoft Excel, which I had been using previously). Z-ERM.zip Z-ERM.zip
  22. Thanks, Kabill, you're a saint. Your suggestions both worked.
  23. Hey, folks. Like the title says, I need some help with the Modular Modding System for X:CE. I've been trying on and off to figure it out for a couple weeks now, and I'm stuck. Just to get a feel for things, I've been trying to make Slayerjerman's mod Economy Restored work with the modular system, mostly because the things it changes are all fairly simple, and composed mainly of XML spreadsheets, which according to the documentation and tutorial threads seem really easy to change. Anyway, I tried sticking it into the game with the modding tools, and with 0.27 that works fine. When I launched the game, though, the mechanical changes weren't present; that is to say, weapons and gear were still infinite, and the manufactures to create them did not exist. Of the three XML files in the mod, only strings.xml was used as intented; I was able to confirm this by changing the weapon names. If I understand the tutorials correctly, all I need do for an entry in a spreadsheet to be changed is include the first column of that entry, and the column to be modified, which I have done, apparently to no avail. Apart from the three xml files, the only other thing in the folder is a lua file taken directly from Slayerjerman's original mod. Sorry for a long-ish post, but I'm out of ideas, and I'm really hoping someone can tell me what/where I messed this one up. File is attached below. EDIT: Apr├Ęs-post paranoia has struck! Inb4 obvious fix and I am dumb at everything forever. Please don't be too vicious, gentlemen and ladies. ERM.zip ERM.zip
  24. I like it! I see a lot of mods that expand the selection of ballistic weapons, but they all add gunpowder ballistics to the later parts of the tech tree, rather than widen the selection at the beginning, which is kinda what I've wanted for a while.
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