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  1. Nefertari

    New character "gaming" faces/bodies

    I really like these. Wish someone would do some sexy guys too!
  2. Nefertari

    Tec/research progression

    Beltorn that really answered a lot of questions for me. Great info. Do you still carry shotguns once you upgrade to lasers?
  3. I have just unlocked the Marauder. What combination of aircraft is best to have? Should I have all Marauders or some combination?
  4. When I first encountered the reapers and one of my soldiers got zombified I hit him with a rocket because I didn't know what he was and that didn't kill him just released the reaper inside him. I didn't know anything about reapers at the time and it freaked me out!
  5. If I see the bleeding icon I use the medkit and it stops the bleeding and draining of health points. Also if they get hit and are not bleeding but their health points are way down I heal them so they can continue the mission without getting killed with another shot. I know a lot of people play and if their soldier gets hit they just go on but I have been playing a while now and I still have almost all the soldiers from my original team and their points are extremely high in every category and they are a great team to send in on difficult missions since all their points are so high. Even psionics on them hardly effect them unless they are hit two or three times in a row.
  6. Nefertari

    New character "gaming" faces/bodies

    I really like these. The women in the game right now look like men with women's heads. This would be a great addition.
  7. This makes such a huge difference!
  8. Nefertari

    [1.06] Phens Rank + Medallion Overhaul

    I love this look. I have it in-game now!
  9. Nefertari

    TU cost of reloading?

    Perhaps you are right but I like it!
  10. Nefertari

    TU cost of reloading?

    I modded mine so that I cut the cost of reloading down to 10. It was way too high and I thought very unrealistic.
  11. Nefertari

    Sound effects where to get them

    Here is where I find a lot of them. It has a section on sci fi for great sound effects. http://www.freesfx.co.uk/soundeffects
  12. Nefertari


    I have built 5 bases but only 1 of them have soldiers. Today I started adding soldiers to the other bases and I CTD. I did add the mods for the Real Fighter Portrait Pack and the Extended Background and one for the real looking armour. Is anyone else having an issue?
  13. Nefertari

    Xtended Background - Distribution Modmod

    I have run all these files through a program to compare them for differences. There are very few. What causes it to pick the faces. I've looked and looked through the code and don't really see why it wouldn't work when merged. Someone posted that it still only uses a few of the faces but where is that controlled?
  14. Nefertari

    [Mod] True laser beam

    I found one at this address http://www.freesfx.co.uk/soundeffects/lasers_weapons/ It's the 3rd one down. EDIT: Thanks but I downloaded the sound as an .mp3 and converted it to .ogg and renamed it to laser and put it in my sound folder and it works!
  15. Nefertari

    Alien Class Analysis Mod

    Wow! I learned so much from this. This is really great!