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Found 12 results

  1. I suppose, new Xenonauts should have a Black market options, which allow player to make instant cash in exchange of future relation and/or reputation. That should be the place where you can buy or sell alien stuff, bribe a politician in the particular region (with some %% of success), hire the mercs to do your job on the crash site (with heavy civilian casualties). Also, it seems to me a good idea to add some black market missions, to trade you team as mercs - do some dirty job, like drugs or human trafficking in exchange of cash, rare materials or relations with particular region.
  2. I'm back to playing X1 again. Each battle is a frustrating struggle. It would be nice to be able to train your troops in X2 so they can keep up with Xenonauts on the field. In real life, militaries not only have minimum physical requirements, but have minimum intelligence requirements as well. You can't be a tanker in real life if you're bad at math (at least during WW2, I don't know how tank internal stuff has changed) because you have to very quickly make calculations on the fly to hit a target. Xenonauts are not just regular military, they are literally special forces. There is no reason why agents / troops (don't know what the right word is) should be deficient in any way. Also, please try to avoid the "armor is almost useless" trope. It would be great if every tech item developed has a benefit and is not offset completely by problems or simply so little of an upgrade its not worth it. Would be interesting to see something similar to "Alien Infiltration %" like there is in X-Com Apocalypse. Possibly within national governments, or NATO and Warsaw, and so forth. More infiltration might mean less funding. This might not work well with the proposed Cold War system in my other thread though.
  3. I enjoyed Xenonauts 1 immensely, but for Xenonauts 2, have the following: - soldier inventory similar to JA2 (specific slots) - weapon attachment (like in JA2) - friendly troops and missions involving them - localized soldier damage. Mangled arm that reduces aim, mangled leg that reduces movement, etc.. - to tie with the above, a comprehensive armor scheme (front torso, rear torso, head, left/right arm and leg). Each body part has it's own armor value and armor HP. - more organic weaponry - different weapon types behaving differently, rather then being clear tiers. So plasma has short range, but is powerful and deals splash damage.Lasers are accurate but not very powerful. Kinetics are relaiable and offer high RoF. So no tiers that go kinetic-laser-plasma, but rather technological progression within a tier. For example: TIER1: - continuous lasers (your basic beam. Since it's almsot impossible to miss, the %to hit affects damage done. "Will I hit it" becomes "how long did I keep the beam on the enemy?" as the enemy tried to dodge) - basic kinetic weapons (the "research" is actually searching for and selecting the best weapons that are available in the world at the start of the game. "Hey Xenonauts, we found that the HGK-416 is the best suited, sop ti will replace your M-16's's) TIER2: - pulse lasers (mechanically, works the same as a gun. Think lasrifle from WH40K: DoW) - advanced kinetic weapons (new guns, more modern look, better stats) - basic plasma (prone to overheating, bulky) TIER3: - UV(purple)/X-ray(blue) lasers (better stats, more modern look) - hypervelocity kinetics (coilguns/railguns) - advanced plasma - advanced kinetic munitions (HEA, HEAP, etc.. rounds)
  4. 1) Reapers should have a lower chance of instantly killing your soldiers if they have better armor equipped. I disliked how in xenonauts you were just as vulnerable to Reapers at the end of the game as you were at the beginning of the game. 2) Interceptors should not take so long to refuel. It took far too long for planes to rearm and refuel in xenonauts. Three UFOs would spawn and I'd take one down then have to wait three hours for my planes to be able to take the next one down, and while Im waiting the UFOs are causing havoc and lowering my funding, which then affects my ability to get new planes which would help me combat all the UFOs. 3) I'd like to see more variation in alien creatures. The aliens in xenonauts were all two legged slightly human looking creatures, and that made them boring to look at. For example maybe try to make the Wraiths look more raptor like, or maybe make a new species that is just a mass of tentacles. 4) When a civilian is found and they cant see any aliens they should try to make it to the xenonauts dropship and hide there. This would help keep the citizens out of your way and keep them safe. 5) Some more lore oriented research. 6) Give the head researcher a Nobel prize. He deserves one. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my suggestions.
  5. Hi all, First I would say that I am a very old fan of UFO series. Played it back then. UFO defense is my all-time favorite game. Thru the years I played many Xcom like games -xcom apocalypse, aftermath series (math, shock and light), xenonuts and xcom enemy unknown 1-2 I never totally left ufo defense and always came back to it as the years passed. Until xenonuts came out, there was no true successor to the series. But now I can say that if I want to play an xcom game, xenonuts is definitely the game I will choose. After long time finely I can say that ufo defense is absolute. So I find myself here, reading on xenonts 2 and I do have some ideas that I would like to see. First of all, if something works, don't change it. xcom formula is working and working good. Stick with it. the best thing for me in games and in ufo defense and in xenonuts in particular, is that you can play the game in iron man and you can allow yourself loosing troops, crafts or missions and keep on playing without it being a big issue. xcom enemy unknown failed this thing . I really felt that you need to be extremely lucky and play a really specific way to advance without save load in the "new" xcom. It was also so intensive and tense. xenonuts is not like that . You can lose your craft and it's not a big deal, it will cost you in time, founding and in new soldiers but you will pass it. And with all that, the game is still very challenging. Management challenging, which is good. Keep it like that. Missions should not be extremely hard, they should be challenging and fun. Some time you have the upper hand and some time the aliens has it. if the game won't be so punishing (Hham... New xcom) then we should even have the option to consider a retreat (I know we had it but it was never really needed). The most important here is that the missions will flow. Again, save load ruin the flow so keep it fun and challenging. xenonuts had an issue with the flow part when you did a carrier mission. The first few where nice but after that, entering the ship and going right and left was boring. ufo defense extra-large ship was much more fun to play in. Personally I love ammo. I love the micro management. I love that it weights and that you can't put as much as you want. I love that some time in a mission you use all your ammo and you need to retrieve some from a dead corpse or even change a weapon. Good job there. i would think about adding the need to manufacture the ammo as it was fun for me. Since you mentioned that we don't get the alien weapon at the start of the game, I have an idea here. In ufo aftermath (if I remember correctly) you could retrieve some weapons from the aliens or more precise the infected humans. And I am not talking about alien technology, it was human weapons. The earlier mutations used them. That was how you built yours earlier arsenal. You could make us find random weapons, some better than others also find small amount of ammo for them. The anticipation to see what you found was very fun and this will also add a management thing. Maybe after some time we could even manufacture those (although I would prefer that manufacture will be hard to do and that we will focus on finding them in the battlefield.) you could make a retrieving stash missions which will bring some weapons and ammo. Keep the game free and not story lined. It is fun that you can play the game in defiantly. Aliens that pop in the sky should be random - in xenonuts , the ships that pop are parallel to your advance which is some kind of boring. i want to see the smallest ship even at the end game. As I said, some time you have the upper hand and some time the alien's dose. Game graphic - I think this was one of the main issues in xenonuts. The graphic seemed old. Personally I really don't mind about graphic and the playability is much more important. But when I learned about the game, and when I talk with friends that love those games, graphic was an issue. After you play for 3 hours the graphic is almost meaningless (at least for me) but I know it was an issue for some of my friends. Human faces - more! Much more! Much much more! I hate to see the same face again and I hate even more when it happens frequently. Give us more faces, at least a triple of what you had. Use the community to make some faces or something. Maybe release the tolls to do so. I would like to attach more to each soldier, yet I would like to have a lot of them in base. More faces, more medals, more data on the soldiers, maybe a mood or something, flags, friends and bonds. Make me more attached for each one. So losing him will mean more for me. I am sure that some more ideas will pop soon....
  6. Hi to Chris and Goldhawk! I am curious what route you guys intend to go with the soundtrack (if it's not already developed). There is an obscure composer who I would recommend simply because no one's hired him in forever but his music was weird and interesting. Bruce Faulconer, who did the original DBZ music from 1999 to the early 2000's. Here's a selection of songs. Obviously they won't fit X2 perfectly, but some elements of the songs might. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AheBYtPQpTPihcZjSsn2Tc7e2e874g
  7. There are many X-com like games. And all of them give the answer to the question: why are the aliens attacking earth? Energy/mineral resources? - interstellar species do not need to fight over resources - there whole galaxy full of uninhabited star systems. Genetic material? Why do you need to fly so far when you can spend less time and resources making research using your own genetic material. And fully developed interstellar race will have the power to wipe out entire humanity without much effort. Why terror tactic by foot soldiers? Why not the orbital bombardment by giant space battleships? So i suggest some different view: All different alien races flee from more powerful and advanced civilization. This civilization (Great Enemy) destroyed their empires. Remnants of refugee fleets come to the solar system as they seek to hide from their enemy in uncharted region of space. Alien races come as few dominant races with their thrall races. For example: - Technologically advanced race group – with better weapons but no psionic abilities. This race will rely on tech. - Psionically advanced race group – with powerful psionic abilities and medium tech. This race will rely on biology/Psionics - Biology-oriented race-swarm (like zerg or tyranids) with big groups of weak units, strong officers but only medium tech/abilities. This race will rely on biology/numbers All these race groups have few unique technologies to research. Also leading race units will be fewer in numbers but stronger then thrall races units. These races seek to dominate Earth to survive, and form the fragile alliance. With only several damaged transport and military ships, they cannot conquer Earth in direct military operation, so they use raids and terror attacks to seed chaos and then to take control by forcing governments to surrender. Then they plan to enslave the population and establish the base to rebuild their strength, and make an outpost from which to begin to rebuild their empires. Aliens can build their bases on earth surface (or deep in the ocean depths), but their main bases are separate and not accessible by human technologies (Moon or Mars base, damaged mothership in space, etc). To defeat the aliens all of their main bases must be destroyed. To access main alien base all unique technologies for that race must be researched (for example: for tech race friend or foe identification device must be obtained and reprogrammed to open their base) and some spacecraft to deliver strike team must be built. There are also can be story missions to destroy/defeat thrall races. For example: destroying the factory where Androns being produced will severely reduce their numbers in missions or end their appearance in the game. All leader races will have one or two unique ufos, but other ufos will be the same for all races, constructed in the solar system specifically for invasion on Earth. Governments/regions on Earth can surrender to one leading alien race, and will be freed when this race will be defeated. This can be done without big changes in game mechanics. But more units/races can be added. Fro example: After some time when some Government/region surrendered to the alien race, there can be appearance of modified human soldiers fighting on alien side. For each leading race there will be different type of human soldier: cybernetically enhanced, mind controlled and genetically modified. There can be technologies to better fight these enemies, or to enhance player soldiers in similar way. To free Government/region from alien control there will be mission to destroy alien base on this territory. This base will contain at least one leader race commander (governor), his alien bodyguards, and some number of modified soldiers. Or there can be appearance of the Great Enemy units in the game. Great Enemy will fight the other aliens but will not try to conquer Earth, because we are too primitive for them to waste time on us. These aliens will be very few and extremely difficult to kill, but their tech will be more advanced then anything else. For example: in the mission there are downed UFO and several dead aliens on the map, some living aliens who will attack player soldiers, and one or two Great Enemy units, who will attack both aliens and humans. Great Enemy units can use stealth tech like the Predators or just be the tanks with a lot of armor and heavy weapons. This units must be strong enough to single-handedly wipe other aliens and player squad. Their tech is to complex to be understood and to be replicated by the other aliens or humans, but trophies (weapons, artifacts) can be used by human soldiers. There will be no Great Enemy bases and they will leave the solar system after all other races will be destroyed. Or their base will be the last base to destroy.
  8. I was very excited to at long last read about the 1.0 release of Xenonauts, so I could finally play it! However, immediately several issues popped up... I'm probably going to add to this list as I play: No radar sweep or pulse graphic on the map, or explanation in base on how to improve efficiency of the radar. How often does it (try to) detect something? Does building another one help? Why are there no Xenopedia entries on base facilities? How DOES that radar work? Should I build another one? I have no idea currently! No middle mouse click drag to pan the view in combat? THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!! No tooltip to explain what the different stats represent in the soldier list. No obvious button to select next soldier with unissued orders... perhaps highlight the small 1-8 stat buttons with a orange colored border until the guy has received at least one command? When marine dead zones, storms and other events are reported, I cannot send aircraft to scout the areas by clicking on those zones, which I should be able to... otherwise, why mark them on the map with mouseover highlights at all? In fact, how DO you send out aircraft to patrol? In X-com, all aircraft had a small radar which helped with Ufo discovery, and you could manually patrol regions with high activity... how do you do that here? I see my forecast change for monthly income is negative, but there is no tooltip explaining why and I can't click on it to get more information. Mousing over countries just says the same negative stat, but with no real explanation... where are the graphs from X-com showing alien activity? Double clicking on an unassigned soldier with still not full health in the soldier list doesn't take me to his equipment screen. Bug! I chose two aircraft to intercept an ufo, and another one popped up. Now I can't split my two aircraft! Manual combat is unfortunately poorly explained. For auto combat it was 100% win chance according to the UI, yet when I entered manual combat and just let it play out, I lost. Yet I saw my plane fire missiles and shoot... I even clicked evasive roll a few times... yet this happened over and over again... auto combat gives me 100% win, manual gives me 100% loss... what should I have done? Night missions don't look like it's dark at all. The original UFO was much darker. I can't even see where my soldier's aim is supposed to end, as the tutorial popup mentioned. Also, why not add a blue, moonlit palette shift to the night missions? Also, I cannot explain this: Intuitively, in the left image I should be able to hit the alien, and in the right one I should not. So how can I plan ahead when the cover system doesn't appear logical to me? The game looks and sounds lovely, it has a very good atmosphere and vibe around it, but all in all, imo, it's not 1.0 yet, and I'm very sad to hear the news that development has ended apart from fixing "stability". I really hope that last statement doesn't turn out to be true, though.
  9. Just started playing today. Some suggestions: * All too often, my interceptor will reach a UFO over water. I like the inclusion of the option to tail it until it reaches land, but very often this does not happen - my interceptor runs out of fuel first and is forced back to base. It would be nice if, just before this happens, the interceptor asks for permission to engage the UFO over water again. I know I would much rather sink a UFO than let one go free, especially in the early game when I don't have multiple bases. * I would really like it if my troops were arranged in transports in numerical order. All too often, My #1 soldier (the soldier assigned to the number 1) starts in its center, unable to move until someone else gets off. Since I like to pair up my troops to send them around a zone, this costs me a turn or so to get them organized and is always irritating. * I'm not sure if this will be popular, but I tend to pick a single squad and play with them as much as possible. To this end, I would personally like the option to have a wounded crew member stay assigned to a Chinook, so that he or she is automatically attached to it again when he or she finishes healing. Otherwise I tend to lose track of them. * I am impressed by the option to do evasive manuevers in aerial combat, but when you have multiple interceptors in the air, it's not nearly as useful. A "squadron" set of buttons (to make all planes do a barrel roll or disengage at the same time) would be a nice add-on. * It would be nice to have a warning icon that tells you when you have unused scientists and at least one technology to research. Less so for technicians, but still useful. Another option (or a complementary one) would be to have the option to 'go to laboratory' after you received a research report, so you could automatically assign scientists. A third option would be to allow the AI to auto-assign projects to scientists who are doing nothing while there are projects to research. * I almost always have my troops on "snap shot" mode; it would be nice to have the ability to set this to default when you arrive on a mission - say, in the "personnel" screen where you can also choose their equipment and what they have in their hand when they start. * I can't seem to save over an old save during a mission - this would be nice. * It's a bit hard to figure out how to use medpacks. My first time, I ended up hitting my squadmate with it, causing more bleeding wounds. This really shouldn't be the case!! * Not exactly a suggestion or feature request, but my favourite part of X-Com was the storyline. The most disappointing part of this alpha build is the missing text in the encyclopedia and when starting research projects. Surely they can't take too long to add in? Oh, well. To make up for this complaint, my favourite new little feature is the satisfying "crunch" you get when the Hunter drives through an obstacle.
  10. The forumites on this board are a creative and inventive lot. The suggestions forum alone has 25 pages of suggestions, quite a bit of which loops, but all the same people are always thinking new ways which the game experience for them might be improved. However, many ideas are left at the side of the road, for one reason or another. I think when coming up with ideas, we need to put ourselves in the headspace of the lead developer and come up with some What Would Chris Do? rules to help shape the creative process. Having observed his behaviour on the boards, I have come up with some simple rules. 1) Will it cost money? The more artwork, the more props, the more coding that has to go into a suggestion, the more it will cost, and the less likely it will be put in. 2) Will it be a bugger to balance? A lot of ideas look great on the surface, but if there are ways to exploit the idea that will imbalance the game without a lot of hard work fixing it, then it isn’t so attractive. 3) Was it in the original X-Com? Xenonauts is billed as a “spiritual successor” to X-Com. When the harpies descend on Xenonauts at release, they will pick over every bone and squawk when something that was in X-Com doesn’t appear in Xenonauts. 4) Will it take a long time to implement? This game has been Chris’ life for a long time now. If a suggestion will take forever to implement, then it’d have to be pretty spectacular to do! 5) Will it detract from existing game elements? A good example of this is the idea for long-range SAM batteries. If SAM batteries were implemented, it reduces the need for interceptors, which are an integral part of the game.
  11. Kirill Selivanov

    suggestions and hello

    Hello all. Hello Devs! You choose very interesting game to rebuild and refresh! Thanks you for that! And in game time period is great too. The period of first open flights of stations to Moon, Mars, Venus. So it would be a good idea to implement historical events to background story. USSR and US had had expeditions and successful missions on Moon, Venus, Mars in all 1970-th walkthrough. I'm a great fan of X-com, and even more, my life is closely connected to space and it's exploration - i am working in the innovation center of JRS "Russian space systems". Now its JRS, but it's type was formed shortly ago. Before it was an institute that manufacture space rocketry and satellite tech (http://spacecorp.ru/en/about/history/). We worked with all Moon automatic vehicles like lunahod-1, 2, Venus program and Mars program. Even more i want to say. My grandfather - has designed the television systems for Moon lunahod-1,2, and he was the lead constructor of all cameras for Venus down lifting stations (Venus 13,14) and some Mars stations too. So, i think the storyline of Xenonauts could benefit by implementing some real history notes with some fairy fantasy of about "secret results" from that missions compared with real photos that was made in the time of near to 1970-th years Like that: - 1959- Panoramic photography of Moon by Luna-9 - Moon satts that photograph the black side of the moon - Luna-11 (1966), Luna -12 (1967), Lunar-Orbiter (US) - Mars-2, Mars-3 (1971) - two automatic, between-planetary stations became Mars satellites, also do Mariner-6,7,9, (US) - In 1973 - there was sent by USSR 4 stations to Mars - 4,5,6,7 (because of some systems failure Mars satt became only Mars-5 that made some number of photography scenes). And Mars-4 made just one. Other two stations brought downshifted apparatus but they failed - Viking - 1976 (US) - Venera-9, 10 (1975 ) - panoramic photos of Venus from orbit, Venera 13,14 (colored photos of landed Venera 13 and orbital Venera 14 stations - 1981 - really to close to find interesting end combined with real photos) For example we could take some photo of Moon, Mars, Venus and with Photoshop give a some sort of secret alien activity there. Or even mark their landing sites and bases (so like the stations Venera-13 and 14 in 1981 could have a secret aims to find the alien bases and figure their place for Xenonaut team) Just for other themes of suggestions and feature requests/design proposals/new ideas i attach a word file and keep here only spheres of ideas (it 17 pages of A4 text) 1. Map geo 2. Geopolitics and funding 3. Races and exp 4. Enemy sides 5. Trainings 6. Buildings and Base types (alien too) 7. AI friendly (geo) 8. AI enemy sides (geo) 9. AI battle 10. Infiltration as a line of interest 11. Type of weapons/arms and upgrades 12. Vehicles 13. Air combat 14. Endings 15. Map battle. Ground battle specials 16. Mission types 17. Tilesets 18. Soldiers 19. Micromanagement 20. Research 21. Way to settle missions 22. Project Orion program and group 23. Alien races and alien hierarchy in their society I tried to attach the file - but it feature doesn't work i can send it by mail (my - guardianru@gmail.com) or skype - guardianru (It's to big to just post - 17 pages) PS we in JRS are trying to do some interesting popularization projects too (by my lead) http://mic.herewetest.com/GLONASS-Promo-en/index.html
  12. Greetings all, new here and really loving what I see so far. Been playing for about a week on 9.2 and now 9.3/9.31. However I have come up with a few suggestions, nothing too drastic, take them or leave them. I looked through most (perhaps not all) of the suggestions posted so far, so hopefully there are no repeats. Obviously I wouldn't expect any of these to be implemented in the first public release, but by beta or final product would be cool. So, here goes... In no particular order but grouped by game module: 1. Geoscape a. Ability to select aircraft whose status is 'airborne' which are within range on the intercept window. I know you can click on the squadron icon from the geoscape and click 'redirect,' but when a new ufo is detected I think it would be helpful to be able to redirect directly from the intercept screen that appears. b. When a ufo is intercepted, give some indication on the geoscape of where the intercept is occurring (maybe concentric circles radiating from the spot?) If you have several planes or squadrons on an intercept course at the same time- when given the option to engage you can not necessarily tell which target has been intercepted, if the ufo is over water and which direction it is heading (such as out to sea) and therefore it makes it difficult to decide whether to tail until over land, or engage. Also sometimes it is obscured behind the 'UFO Intercepted' window that pops up. c. When multiple icons overlap on the geoscape (say a mig squadron and a grounded ufo), clicking in that spot on the zoomed out map should bring up a context menu to choose either the squadron or the ufo. Currently it is hit and miss or you have to zoom all the way in to select the one you want. d. Show the base stats in the upper-right when mousing over a base, rather than having base stats always displayed on the geoscape map when zoomed in. In some terrains (especially during the day) the text is hardly visible. Were it to show in the upper right (where 'Key Information' appears), that would place it on a black background making it visible regardless of base location, and visible without zooming in- just by mousing over the base location at any zoom level. e. Allow joining squadrons midair- they would split and become two separate squadrons when one aircraft runs out of fuel or ammo, and each aircraft would still return to its respective base. Clicking on a joined squadron would give you a menu with an option to split the squadron back to their original aircraft/squadrons. 2. Air combat a. "Camera" tracks ufo and interceptors with an "auto" zoom level feature (similar to how Star Control II mêlée worked) Seems to me more desirable than having to continuously zoom and pan manually to follow the battle. b. Squadron-level orders (retreat, afterburner, evasive/roll, formations or predetermined attack patterns?) I know you can pause combat and give each aircraft their orders and unpause, still... 3. Ground combat a. Either incorporate pilot/copilot into the current grounded chinook/dropship artwork (not the briefing screen) or keep the roof always visible on the front of the craft as in the chinook hangar artwork (so you wouldn't see empty chairs up front. Seems quite odd your soldiers have managed to arrive without a pilot- or maybe pilot and copilot have gone for a smoke while your Xenonauts clear the area? Well that's all for now, I am sure I will think of something else. Hopefully what I wrote makes enough sense that most will have an idea what I am talking about. Please let me know what you think, if you agree or if you think any of these are not feasible/desirable. Thanks for taking the time to read through these.