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Found 8 results

  1. Imagine that you have 10 bases (or more, each containing 4 aircraft (or more). You gain access to new rocket(torpedo)/laser and plan equip to dozens of your fighters. Or you construct dozens new aircrafts and need to equip they at your own vision. It's a pain do it right now. I wish a similar function, that we already have to equip soldiers. Template for classes. Player create a template(s) for each aircraft class and choose to: -try equip current (selected) aircraft -try to equip all similar aircraft in this base -try to equip all similar aircraft in all bases
  2. So what kind of ons do you want 1 fighter 2 Bomber [Foxtrot]
  3. The actuall plane numbering on the aerial battle grid can lead to mistakes. Instead o: Condor 1 Whatever 1 Whatever 2 With 1 2 3 on the grid. I suggest Condor 1 Whatever 2 Whatever 3 and 1,2,3 on the grid. It will avoid confusion in the heat of battle. There s something that must be tweaked. Plane refuel. An undamaged plane refuel & rearm take 20 to 1 hour max. 9 hours to refuel ? Really ? manual pump ? Strech the repair of plane which is too short, repairs can take weeks, but shorten the refuelling. another point I was escorting a helicopter to the crashlanding when suddenly 1 UFO appeared and vectored an intercepting course. I tryed to vector the fighter but i could only send the whole group, so i sent everybody home, no need to risk my soldiers. Landing craft shouldn t be part of fighters as they have no weaponry. If you could tweak that.
  4. Can you make this a startup parameter (like Ironman and Difficulty are now), so the average Joe doesn't have to go in and mod an XML file?
  5. Black Cat

    Screwball Idea

    You know the more I think about my playthroughs and the more I think about beginning aircraft... Why do we buy condors, but build foxtrots? Later planes we build makes complete sense. But Why not treat Foxtrots like Condors and buy them. This would free up early to early mid manufacturing for actually making armor and weapons for our soldiers and planes. Granted with the new recoverable interceptors might make it less needed. But I still think the idea has some merits.
  6. i don't know if it's been put out already but once you finish the alien alloy and/or the alien electronics reserch can you put in a button to refit the vecals and interceptors to increase their survivability and put a spell check on the forums please
  7. In the original UFO, the ufo:s were simulated and flew around the planet even if your radar stations didn't see them. However, there was one more way to spot an ufo and that was to fly around with your aircraft and hope to cross the path of one, since they had a small, built-in radar. I was fanatical in doing this, patrolling day and night, and I encountered quite a number of ships this way. It wasn't much fun with the relentless clicking though. I'm sad to see that Xenonauts have not improved on this part of the game. The obvious route would of course be to add a "Patrol" action in addition to the "Intercept". My proposal would be that this would allow you to setup regular radar sweeps of a particular area (country) of interest and get rid of the tedious clicking.
  8. One of the biggest problems with the game at the moment is the air combat - while it is a good addition to the game, it's not particularly intuitive. While we've got a new GUI on the way that will involve tooltips and should make things clearer, there's a more fundamental issue than that. The difference between the F-17 and the MiG aircraft is important, but not immediately obvious. Sure, you can check the Xenopedia, but realistically almost nobody is going to do that. So there needs to be a better way to explain it. This fits into a wider issue about the pacing of the early game. We've just finished the art for a new UFO type, the Light Scout. The intention is this will be a small 2-alien UFO that is slower than the F-17 and relatively easy meat for interception. This will appear for the first few weeks of the war, and then the Heavy Scout, Corvette and the Fighters will all start appearing at around the end of the third week. As the MiG is basically designed to do two things, either picking off lone Heavy Scouts using Sidewinders or picking off Corvettes using Avalanches, this means it is basically pointless for the first three weeks. In fact, it's actually counterproductive - if you hit the early ships with an Avalanche missile it'd just destroy them outright rather than make them crash. Therefore, making the MiG a research project that is available from the start of the game seems the most sensible suggestion. It achieves several things: 1) The air combat starts off more simple, with only one interceptor to get the hang of (and only two weapons). 2) The player has to look at a research report when they get the MiG-31. This will explain the role of the aircraft, making it more likely to be used correctly. 3) It's a research project that can be available from the start of the game. This lets people use the research screen without having to capture alien technology. The more I think about this idea, the better it sounds. Anyone got any thoughts?