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Found 9 results

  1. Lt_Parsons

    Forest maps

    We already have some arctic maps that feature parts, filled with trees. I liked those places - they change combat and spotting dynamic, it feel fresh. More places to hide, maneuver and flank. Less spotting and sniping, more searching, reaction and coordination. Harder to mass shoot something, more use of close combat weapons. We already have most, if not all, tiles needed for that. So, a few new maps mostly filled with trees, rocks, wilderness and less clear open space would be good to have.
  2. as the title states: Change the name of the tile set from farm to Temperate more versified: Forest maps no new tiles needed to be added everything is already there to be used things just kinda make sense with this simple change
  3. I like this... shooting the ice tiles in the Tundra creates grass!
  4. mitrida


    Artic and desert, but jungle? What happens when there is a mission in central america?
  5. So yeah, its already said that reaper hive won't be in the game, but even then I feel obliged to try even if it is impossible, so no need to point that out. I personally want reaper hive in the game because... Well, let's face it, closest thing to alien hive in XCOM type games is Alien Dimension in Apocalypse. And thats it. For some reason, none of XCOM type games have done alien hive. When you think about it, original XCOM series is only one with alien inspired by titular monster of movie Alien(Chrysalid, Tentaculat which was basically floating one eyed tentacle brain chrysalid and brainsucker which filled role of Chrysalid for Apoycalypse), but no alien hive from Alien 2. So yeah, I'm sad people didn't vote alien hive high enough because it would have been unique mission in ALL xcom type games. But yeah, we already proposed that Reaper Hive tileset could be indestructible(there are plenty of ways to explain that and it would make sense story wise too, I mean, in Alien 2 whole movie would have been over if they had decided to nuke hive from orbit earlier No point sending squad to almost certain death if you can just nuke the reaper hive, so having it somehow be damage resistant would work), but that isn't apparently enough for it to be included in game. There have also been suggested that reaper hive tileset could be combined with human base tileset(like aliens building hive there/taking it over/kinda like zerg infested bases in starcraft) meaning that you can just recycle most of tiles from human base and add few new ones. I personally would prefer full hive, but human base hive would still be great. Third suggestion so far has been that it could be dlc. But developers aren't interested in doing dlc and let's face it, if reaper hive is dlc, it won't be like... Well, if you buy reaper hive dlc, you know what you are getting, but if its in game and you haven't spoiled game for yourself, you are going to be surprised by such mission if you know what I mean. But yeah, if anybody has any great ideas about what could make Reaper Hive tileset viable for developers to put in game, please tell them here even if you don't believe its realistic to happen.
  6. Tested 9.5 somewhat. And perhaps my thoughts here already are addressed....but anyways 1. I am concerned about grenade throwing and friendly fire. Xenonauts troops is supposed to be earths finest. But throwing grenades over fences and buddys is a gamble as it is right now. Most of the time impact happens on the object closest in front of the soldier. Same with shooting, i can honestly say, that i dont know if i ever succecded in firing a shot over a guys head when he is kneeling in front of me without hitting him. Can someone motivate why shooting from behind fellow soldiers should result in this? Friendly fire is good. But not realistic as it is now. And i also hit my Ferret with one bullet from the machine gun, which ended in its destruction. Since when does armored vehicles get destroyed by small arms fire? 2. Exited on a roof on the quick terror site to find a good position for my sniper. He couldn't see at all from up there. I guess this one is well known already. 3. I did read somewhere that the tilesets planned did not include forests? I do fully understand the work thats included with making tilesets, but skipping this one is a shame. My point being alot of earth is covered in forest. And its more likely that you will shot down Alien ships in Canada and Russia i guess, than over the artic? But the artic gets a tileset? I for one like the idea of fighting aliens in the wilderness. Around little streams, creeks, logs and cliffs. I mean cmon, imagine the fear and horror of a dark forest at night, with the sounds of an odd owl in the background?? And it doesn't seem like the most advanced tileset either. Since its mostly green, with trees and hills? I am not asking for a set for each type of forest. But Pine would be nice? Or? Perhaps its just because i am Swedish and cant envision a world without dark pineforests 4. This one is minor! And purely subjective. The sounds in this game is great! Music also phenomenal. The weapon sounds is all very realistic, even the sound when reloading the rocket launcher is soo good. But. The alien weapons not so much. I haven't heard them all. But they sound kinda wimpy. I can understand if a small pistol would sound kinda low and "pew pew" like. But we are talking about energy weapons discharging right? And when energy discharges in nature, in whatever form, its mostly a loud and powerful. Compare the sound of the f17s cannon to that of the alien fighter. I wont trade to the alien weapons because of how cool the fighter cannon sounds. When i got fired upon in X-com i sometimes jumped out of the chair. Because the sound was sudden and loud. It would also be nice with more powerful sounds from the heavier weapons. Being able too say "Thats the sound of a plasma cannon" and feel unnerved with the insight of that is a cool thought. As usual i am more about immersion than mechanics i realize ) But thats very important in this game.
  7. First, I'm wondering what kind of NPCs will be added in the ground maps besides citizens blocking your way. I'm hoping for police officers and other kinds of armed guards who would try to help you attack the alien presence with weaker damage done or just run and hide. In harder difficulties, Aliens can mind control the armed officers to start firing your way, lmao. So you kill the officer/the mind controlling alien or kill both The best part is you don't know the NPC is mind controlled until it attacks you. Good times to be had. I'm hoping for a variety of NPCs later on, such as Children, elderly, and police as stated above! What do you guys think? Second, I'm really really hoping for unique tile sets for every country you go to in the world. If you go to japan, I'm hoping for Japanese-style tile sets. If you go to Antarctica to eliminate an alien threat, I'm hoping for an icy-type terrain and I'll add that it would be sweet to give your soldiers a cool looking outfit to combat the extreme weather climate. Wishful thinking I suppose Btw, I'll be per-ordering when this bad boy goes to Beta stage!
  8. Well the screenshot in the news section on xenonauts site is tasteless ie simplistic. 1. There is no highgrass that should hide "sectoids" 2. There is no bushes Everything is too flat and non-destructible. P.S. That would be fun to destroy cabbidge with machinegun fire at least
  9. i hope so what about a light sound in a background? jungle sounds like and on a snowmap we can hear footsteps when a soldier is moving like this?this brings a bit more life to the maps. its just an idea thank you