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Found 7 results

  1. Now i'm not sure if people have suggested this already but i've read in the FAQ that there was a demand for having different starter weapons. Yet the devs said it would be too confusing for players to have multiple weapons for the same purpose yet with only slighty different or even equal stats and I can completely agree with that. I love the Cold War scenario a lot, where humanity seems to unite against an enemy that is threatening everyone. Yet i simply cannot see a base on soviet territory equipped with M16. A NATO like alliance appears most believeable to me yet even a UNO like organization sents their troops together with equipment. My suggestion would be that either: A) Every base has their weapons decided by the continent it is located on. So basically M-16 for North America, FN-FAL or HK G3 for Europe, South America & Australia, AK47 for the rest of the world. or B) You can chose your preferred weapon pack at the beginning of a game. or C) The nationality of the soldier will decide his gear once he has it in his hands. Personally i would favor A. In all cases your weapons cabinet wouldn't be overloaded with 3 versions of basically the same gun. The game would simply replace them and keep the clarity this way. This would also be the most user friendly option instead of having to use mods to replace the guns by hand. I'm sure the community would provide great graphics even for MG's, sniper rifles and so on. All the devs would have to do is to integrate the code that the game realizes which weapon "skins" have to be available on which base and in which mission, decided e.g. by the base the dropship has started or for option C, as mentioned before it is decided by the nationality. I do believe immersion would benefit noteworthy due to that.
  2. Some more variety in convential guns would be great. Heckler & Koch Mp5 is a must, H & K G36, PSG and UMP are nice to have.
  3. I know this is supposed to be a faithful recreation of the classic X-Com game, but I think it should be realized that X-Com: UFO Defense was more of a "science-fictionized" setting than what Xenonauts is put in to. The starting weapons in X-Com were tailored more towards this, having more of a sci-fi feel. In Xenonauts, however, I think a chance should be taken to bring some more "realism" into the game's armory. Here is what I'm suggesting I consider myself a bit of a weapon's buff, and I love it when weapons in video games are given brief and detailed descriptions. In Xenonauts, however, there is only one rifle that is considered to be the universally-accepted standard-issue assault rifle of the Xenonauts program: the M16A1. See, I like having immersion in some of my games, and I feel like Xenonauts has the opportunity to add in some more weapons to tailor to nationality or somesuch. It's the late-1970s, right? The Soviet Union is in on the Xenonauts initiative? How about add in the AK-74 model into the fold? It's a bit jarring to see a Cold War-era Russian soldier carrying around an M16 assault rifle, I'll admit.
  4. i'd like to suggest an option you can choose where you start a new game witch makes all the ballistic weapons, ammo and armor you start with come in limited quantity, witch in turn also allows you to produce them. Just something for those of us who want more to worry about when we play Another minor feature related to this would be that when soldiers die, there's a chance you won't be able to retreive their equipment at the end of a mission (due to damage perhaps). Sorry if this has been brought up earlier.
  5. Loving the game, fantastic! Thought i'd sign up however to suggest that I love the whole cold war concept but feel the weapons/firearms of the era are under-used. I understand that just like X-Com you progess onto Alien Weaponry/Laser Weaponry quickly but I really think ballistic weapons should be alot more useful/practical then they were in X-Com. My problem with X-Com is that if you know what your doing you get rid of the battle rifle very early on and replace it for the much used and loved laser rifle. Well in my opinion thats all well and good but I think a player should have alot more options open to them in the form of standard human weaponry - perhaps have numerous different machine-guns, rifles and pistols to choose from within their inventory, this is after-all supposed to be a world-wide effort to combat the alien threat. What im talking about/suggesting is where are the British SLR's? The Soviet AK-47's? the French FAMAS? The Austrian Army's Steyr Aug rifle? Why is it I get stuck with the very boring M-16 US rifle? In my opinion it'd be nice to have a variation of weapons available to the Xenonauts Operatives. Wouldnt it be cool to gun down the Aliens with British SLR's? Steyr Aug Each weapon could have some custom stats each with a drawback (weight, ammo capacity, reliability ect) It'd also be cool to add sub-machine guns to the gear of your soldiers, I know we have shotguns implemented for room clearing but how nice would it be to see the MP5 make an entrance or the Israeli Uzi? Let us know what you think anyhow, Radman
  6. I know others here don't like the micromanagement, but I really miss having to deal with watching the money spent on equipment from the start of the game. In the original XCOM, deciding to buy multibarrel cannons and HE and AP ammo for it, instead of other items, was a choice I liked being able to make. Having fuel costs, ammo costs, etc, as something that had to be considered as part of your monthly cost of operating was quite realistic, imho. The higher your operational tempo, the higher your costs and the more you had to pick and choose when the budget was running thin. Now you have a permanent safety net. It kind of sucks the fun and challenge out of the early game for me. Could buying and maintaining inventory of starting weapons and equipment be added at least as an option (hardest difficulty maybe?) or be made so that mod makers could add it in themselves if they so desired?
  7. Current builds give players access to an infinite number of starting terran weapons. Is this strictly for testing purposes or is this going to be a feature that will remain in the final release of the game? If the infinite starting weapon access is going to stay, would it be possible to implement an option similar to the "Iron Man" checkbox at the beginning of the game which removes the infinite supply of starting weapons so that the player can play a game where he is made to account for all inventory right from the start of the game?
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