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  1. Chris, Thank you once again for your time. That is rather disappointing news. Would it be possible to add that UI function at some point for those who wish to mod in the rest themselves? It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Chris, Thanks for stopping in to mention that. I appreciate you having spent your time to answer my concern. If it's easily moddable, then I'm good. I'll just do it my self the way I like it when mod tools/source code/whatever is released. I actually haven't even looked at the game files yet. For all I know, it's already possible. Thanks for the comments and perspective guys.
  3. I know others here don't like the micromanagement, but I really miss having to deal with watching the money spent on equipment from the start of the game. In the original XCOM, deciding to buy multibarrel cannons and HE and AP ammo for it, instead of other items, was a choice I liked being able to make. Having fuel costs, ammo costs, etc, as something that had to be considered as part of your monthly cost of operating was quite realistic, imho. The higher your operational tempo, the higher your costs and the more you had to pick and choose when the budget was running thin. Now you have a permanent safety net. It kind of sucks the fun and challenge out of the early game for me. Could buying and maintaining inventory of starting weapons and equipment be added at least as an option (hardest difficulty maybe?) or be made so that mod makers could add it in themselves if they so desired?
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